Lie at MEPs or not to lie st MEPs?
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    Lie at MEPs or not to lie st MEPs?

    When I was 12 I was diagnosed with excercise induced asthma. Since then I have participated in varsity lacrosse, varsity football and I swim on a swim team over the summer with no problems. I've only used the prescribed inhaler once and that was because my doctor asked me to use it before lacrosse practice (age 12) to see if I noticed a difference. There was no difference and he just said I was out of shape. After all, it was my first season of such an intense sport.
    Recently I have been talking to a marine and an air force recruiter. The marine is telling me to simply lie about it because in the letter of misdiagnosis my doctor gave me, he stated I don't carry a diagnosis of asthma. The air force recruiter is telling me to be honest. I'm a little conflicted in what to do. I want to start DEP as soon as I can, but I don't want to lie and have it to catch up with me and force me to stop something I've wanted to do since I was 9. Any advice would be great!

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    I do not believe a Marine Recruiter told you to lie.
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    Do whichever you feel is the best course of action, there are a lot of Marines who havent told MEPS stuff about that or lied about drug usage. Now this is in no way me telling you to lie it isn't my career I am already a Marine I have already earned my title it is your choice to do one or the other. The Marines can tell you what you should do or what hey think you should do but ultimately it is your decision on what to do.

    You could not tell and never hear a thing about it and never have an issue. You could not tell and have an episode and then get a dishonorable discharge or you could tell and see what you have to do in order to make it in with telling the recruiter or you could go join the air force it is all up to you.

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    [QUOTE=Rhode Island;852277]I do not believe a Marine Recruiter told you to lie.
    I apologize, I used poor wording. What the recruiter told me to do was simply not mention it because I brought him documentation from my Doctor stating that I never had it and that it was never an issue. In the letter of misdiagnosis I received,my Doctor explicitly stated I was prescribed the inhaler for a cough and that I do not carry a diagnosis of asthma. What I am really asking is if I should trust him and not worry about it or put it down. The Air Force recruiter I spoke with told me that I should put it down but I'm confused with how to approach it because I received two contradicting pieces of advice. Thank you for your time

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    Our core values are Honor, Courage, and Committment.

    There is nothing honorable about lieing and it becomes easier each time you do. Before long, lieing becomes a part of your character (or lack thereof).

    If you cannot accept and live by our core values then you really have no place in our Corps. So, you figure it out.

    As a side note, I am a respiratory therapist at an academic medical center (University of Tennessee). Inhalers are not prescribed for coughing (there is cough medicine for that). Asthma inhalers are fast-acting bronchodilators which relax the smooth muscles in your airway thereby allowing the airway to open up and relieve the bronchospasm. Not only were you misdiagnosed, you were also given an inappropriate treatment for your symptoms.

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    If you truly do not have it, than don't mention it, thats my opinion. No need to mention the fact that doctors screwed up.

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    If you don't think it will affect you, don't mention it.

    but be prepared to suffer the consequences if you have an attack or some **** during training / operating.

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