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    Mt Fuji...

    I'm just curious to see who and how many may have taken the time to climb Mt Fuji, Japan... I did in 1973 while stationed at Yokosuka, Ja.. Been at Camp Fuji a couple of times in the 70's, lived in GP tents and then later quonset huts... campfuji.jpg 14895.jpg

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    Was there in 1978 and lived in the quonset huts...had to hike to the head and showers. Didn't make the climb though...

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    I was at Cam Fugi living in the quonset huts, oil heat and very cold showers. Remember it well. I was with India 3/12 arty as a radio man. I especially remember setting up the guns and after the first shot got off you would see the prosters waving flags in the impact area. Then we would have to wait till the Japanese police flew in on choppers and arrested them. This was every day.

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    I stayed in the huts once but buildings were done.

    Climbed it 3 times in 2 yrs while on deployment.

    As permanent personnel- NONE.

    I would have climbed it more and wished I have done a winter climb too.


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    I climbed Fuji in '62. We took a 6X to the other side of the "hill". We did that so the climb down would put us back into the camp. Fuji was a tent camp at the time. I was stationed there for about five months. Great duty,I enjoyed it there!

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    I was with 3/9 when we went to Camp Fuji for around 10 weeks in Summer/Fall 1977. I too remember the walk to the showers...the cold showers, and the quonset huts.

    Climbed Fuji once with someone else in our Supply unit, we walked from the base up the highway and then onto one of the trails. Then our entire company climbed it again before we left for Subic Bay and Operation Fortress Lightning.

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    Camp Fuji circa Aug-Sept 77. Motor pool behind the quonset huts.

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    climb it with 2/4 fox co august 1993

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    Climbed it twice. Once With Fox 2/4 in 1980-81 as a part of the ENGR Detachment, and once with just the Engineers


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    Climbed in '94 with 2/3...5 tons took us to the dropoff point and we hoofed it up in a couple hours. I remember a few hardcores ran up. Everybody ran down, though, easier on the knees. I remember at the top in the crater all the words in different languages made with rocks. Pretty cool.

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    I guess we had it easy, the barracks were finished when I was there. They were squad bays closed off by wall lockers with a big rec room. The gym was in a quonset hut, same as the arcade. I remeber going on runs around the perimeter on the dirt road. We went to the field a lot there, one time our Lt got us lost and we humped sunup to sundown trying to find the rest of the platoon.

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    Climb it? Station there in 62 for 4 months, didnt want nothing to do with that part of it. Getting off it was my main objective.

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    was there in 75, with golf co 2/9, humpt it once and was in a 6x crash that sent half my squad to BAS, and the rest of us was very sore for a few days, but who could forget the Quonset huts, and the leaky roofs, we had one pfc there that decided he needed to go out in a typhoon and try to make it to the showers,, the wind knocked him off his feet and he came back a couple min, later with mud all over him,, we laughed our azz off at the knuckle head,,

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    I remembered being stationed @ Camp Fuji in '91 with AAV's. We stayed in the quonset hut as well. It was pretty damn cold, but it was a welcomed relief from the heat and humidity of Oki!

    Our platoon commander had decided that for liberty, he would take the whole platoon and climb Mt Fuji for fun! There we were, in our civvies and alice packs climbing Mt Fuji! We underestimated the weather plus ran out of daylight and only made it halfway up. But it was interesting to see the old local Japanese guys running up the mountain as if it was no big deal!

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    I was there in '79. Right after us, 2/4 was in a very bad fire.

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