Dad asking about MOS's
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    Dad asking about MOS's

    First I would like to thank you for this web site.
    My son became a poolee at the end of Feb. and has a ship date of Feb. 11 2013. he has been thinking that after his service in the Marine's "If" he does not make a career out of it he would like to go into the US Marshall's is there a good MOS to go into for this. Don't know if it is any of my business just tring to be a helpful dad.
    Thank you Stephen proud father of a future Marine.

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    First I would recomend if your son is eligible to enlist he should be doing the research
    Just my 2 cents ----

    Second start with about dot com us military
    I think (?) you will find a listing of military occupational specialties
    Many of the Marine specialities directly correspond to law enforcement
    MP. the 03 speciailities. Embassy specialities ?


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    As long as your son is otherwise qualified for the US Marshals, his MOS will have no bearing. The Marshals just like former military people for their team skills and personal initiative.

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    Most federal agencies will also want to see a four year degree also.

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    Thank you for your help. He is, I am just being a meddling father he would probebly kill me if he knew I intruded. Thak you for your answers.

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    Another direction if you want it ----

    Advance through infantry
    Transfer to a Special Forces unit
    When if you leave you now qualify for LOTS of security jobs world wide
    I know some of these people who make plenty

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    Thank you your advice is grea. This site ist wonderful I have searched it for a week and I learned alot. I will have my son poolee Ian get on here and I will pay for a membership for him.
    Thank you again Stephen Randolph proud father

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    Paid membership is not a requirement.

    Donations are gladly accepted----
    Final word on this would of course come from a senior moderator ----

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    I understand that membership is not a requierment but wanted to donate. He filled out his profile tonight when he got home from his track meet I baught him the platnum pacage and I am going to save the things for his graduation from Boot camp.

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    I allso wanted to state that i purchased a platnum membership and I am saving the gifts for him for his graduation.

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    As previously stated... Most Federal Agencies don't care about MOS. I am a former Marine (contemplating going back as a weekender), and I work for a Federal Agency. The only one that will REQUIRE a 4 year degree is the FBI. All of the rest could care less if the experience is there. BATFE, U.S. Marshalls, DEA, CBP, only REQUIRE a Bacholer's for Executive positions. He can go up to GS-15 ($100k+ depending on location) without a degree depending on the Agency that hires him.

    I will say that the USMC Service Dates on my resume had a large impact on me being hired.

    An MP MOS would probably benefit him, but they are hard to come by sometimes.

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    I been looking into Federal Law Enforcement, and just to harp on what Dan is saying, they like Marines, period, they know we are desciplined, have good leadership skills, and are dedicated to the mission. So you are already winning the battle. And I am a METOC Marine, Weather Forecaster; as you old guys know, you have to know how to explain how the job you do now translates into skill sets in the civilian world. But, degree is always good.

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    I would like to thank all of you for your help. Now that he is a member of this site, poole, and will be a high school grad in a few weeks I am letting him do his own reaserch. I am going to back off let him do it but support all the way

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