How can I over prepare for Boot Camp?
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    How can I over prepare for Boot Camp?

    Would like to know anything extra i can do in my 4 months left of waiting i can do to over prepare for boot camp?

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    Build strong basic skills.

    Learn your general orders.

    Learn our rank structure.

    Learn how we speak --> aka walls = bulkhead, bathroom = head, flashlight = moonbeam, eyeballs = pay attention to who's speaking -- things like that.

    Learn to live and work through pain; go for a run after you eat dinner, hold your bowel movements for an entire day, -- little stuff like that.

    Max out pull ups and sit ups.

    Stick to the basics.

    Good luck.

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    Run more. Increase your endurance.

    Don't try to learn everything or you'll have no surprises.

    The way we prepared 34 years ago was to enjoy our last days of freedom. Studied no knowledge, did no pull-ups or situps, ran an extra mile after football practice a month before I left. We arrived as maggots and let our D.I.'s, PMI's, other instructors shape us into Marines.

    Nowadays...I guess you all want to attend pre-boot camp before you head off to boot camp. Seems like overkill, but guess that's the way it is.

    Good luck.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    There are many ways to prepare for boot camp.....

    However you can also prepare make you...your body and your mind "ready" more than is necessary for all intents and future purposes.....

    Sometimes situations call for preparing then going with the flow.

    Learn the basic things that are taught to poolees now days at your poolee functions and the recruiters office.

    Don't try to over learn everything at one time or push your body now to physical'll have plenty of time for that in boot camp...schools...the fleet/wing.

    You are going in as a young recruit and coming out as a PVT...PFC...or LCPL.....not a Sgt Major or a General officer.

    You will not know everything about the Marines in 4 months 4 years.....or twenty years.....

    Just about everyday I learn something new about the Marines and at one time I thought I was well ahead on knowing everything there was to know.

    The advice given above was good.....

    Stay out of Trouble...with a capital "T"!

    PT regularly.....but not to excess.....where it is painful.....

    Max your crunches and pullups...and go for the best time on your 1-3 mile runs.

    Study your basic knowledge of the Marine not try to cram before the exam......

    Good luck to you!

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    What you need to do to over prepare is first realize that you cannot prepare for recruit training, then just mentally prepare yourself by realizing it is going to suck and it is going to suck for 3 months and there is an end and you can do it.

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    My son is shipping 20121029 and I havebeen going over the important things with him. He wants to know everything he can get out of me, but, as said above, study the basics from the little brochure your recruiter gave you, PT daily, and prepare yourself for 13 weeks of suck...good luck!

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    Thank you very much for your input Marines...

    Kilo-Echo-Lima-Lima-Oscar-Golf-Golf... Out---

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    I honestly wouldn't worry too much about preparing chances are once you get there it will be nothing like you expect it to be. At least thats how it was for most in mu platoon.

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