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    Lightbulb Calling All Tracks Marines

    'Evening everyone! It's been quite a while since I posted here. It's almost that time for me to make that big decision whether or not to lat move. I've been interested in the AAV field lately, but I don't know much about the MOS. Our career jammer out here doesn't really know much about it either. I know experiences may vary, but I just want some insight on the MOS itself. Some questions that may arise are like what a usual day consists of, the deployability of the unit, field ops (if there are any (I'm a winger)), and the difficulty of the job. I understand there are crewman and mechanics. I'd guess that being a mechanic on one of those beasts is like working on an oversized diesel engine and extra doodads. Crewmen probably have to have some sort of mechanical understanding of the gear/equipment anyhow, right? Another concern about lat moving is the inability to do a B-billet. That question has been answered for me, but it's a pain in the rear having to choose a new MOS or Drill Instructor Duty. That's where I'm really in a rut. My main focus for this post though is clarity on the AAV MOS field. I hope to see some great advice or stories from those salty dogs that have "been there-done that."

    Semper Fi

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    i was a trac rat in the late 70's crewmen need a mechanical understanding but nothing too complicated that is for the 2142's mechs lots of rust bustin and preventive maintenance they are a kick in the ass to operate with the ied problems they have been facing the past ten years i think they could be a death trap in that situation

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    I haven't seen any tracks in my time in Afghan. I did some research and found that the last conflict that AAV's were used were in Iraq. I saw them when I was on the ship, but that's as far as my experience with them go. I've seen the huge corrosion control facility on Del Mar. I would hate to be the rust buster on one of those. What's the school like for crewmen?

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    school was easy then don't know about now. first echelon maintenance operation and capacities and capabilities lot of time learning how to drive. comm wire removal breaking and fixing track water ops are cool just don't freak out going on and off ship

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    I would ask you what the deployability is, too. I guess that it's mainly ship-board deployments. What do the field ops usually consist of?

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    the tracs they have now are real cool i trained on the Old P-5s what a pig then we got P-7s then we had fun.they used tracs in Iraq.spent a lot of time training with the Navy on LSTs.field ops transport men,equipment etc.i started out as a crewman then crew chief.i really miss walking any day.

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    i don't know about deployment now then was a ship detachment MEU's
    field ops hauling people supplies equipment and trash
    our training was more focused on the soviet threat so was more large scale menh operations i have no clue what they do now talk to your carreer planner if he doesn't know go talk to the rats at del mar or 29 palms they give you the best info

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    The career planner we have out here in Kandahar doesn't know very much outside of Com and whatever his current MOS is. I can't stand ships, but that's the life I guess I'll have to learn to love if I decide to lat move to tracks. It'll be even cooler if I just stay on Pendleton, even after the lat move. Aren't there only 2 AAV units in the whole Marine Corps?

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    3rd tracs at pendelton and 2nd tracks at lejeun do floats from both
    i had a good time

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    Would this cover "self-propeled arrty?

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    I was a 1833, amtrack crewmen, from 1989-1992. The school was easy, and you do alot of 1st echelon maintenance on the AAV's. I believe it was for every hour of field time equates to 3 hours of ramp time. Meaning when you get back from field ops, which were plentiful, you get to spend alot of time pm'ing your vehicle getting ready for the next field op!

    I had a great time as a traker, but then I latmov to supply because the mos was closed at that time. I wished I had stayed in 1833, because the promotions were faster after I had lat moved out.

    As a 1833 you don’t get a whole lot of places to be stationed at. It’s either 2nd AAVBn in Camp Lejeune, where I was, or 3rd AAVBn in Camp Pendleton. That’s the two main duty stations, but you do deploy a lot with the MEU’s. Ship life is not bad, as long as you keep yourself occupied! There’s a lot of down time for Marines on board ships!

    Good luck!

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    Hey Im trying to go AAV myself. Keep updating this thread to let me know how the stuff goes. I cant do anything til December it sucks. Also Maybe think about tanks? more land rather then ships.

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    ALL: Say I was an 1833 in K-Bay back in mid-to-late 80's. Had the P7A1s. School was a blast, deployments were short and few. Did quite a few ops off the islands though. If I had to do it again, I would in a minute.

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