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    PLC Applicant.

    Good Evening,

    I am new to this site so I am not sure if there are posted threads about females in the Platoon Leaders Class (PLC), but I have recently been reviewed by the board (5 APR) and am still waiting to receive word on whether I was selected or not. A little background on myself to start might help in giving advice: I am 20 years old, run a 272 PFT (the run is my weak point), I have 1 year worth of experience in the NROTC as a 3/C Marine Option MIDN however left the program to apply as a PLC. I have been working very hard to be given the opportunity to attend OCS and am very nervous for the decision on my fate of being selected or not. I believe I am the only female that was contracted and sent to the board out of the Chicago OSO office, and the only Sophomore at my University (male or female) to be up for it as well. If anyone has any insight as to what my chances might be that would be nice to know. Curiosity is killing me and when I texted my recruiter he stated I should know by the end of this week (9-14 APR.)

    Also, I am constantly trying to gain more knowledge on what to expect and how I can better succeed at OCS. I would greatly appreciate any insight available from those who have the knowledge and/or experience in this area.

    Thank you

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    Someone's gonna tell you sooner or later, so I guess I should let you know now.

    Members of this site don't like to answer things like this until the original poster's profile is filled out. Just some friendly advice

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    Thanks for the advice! I actually just finished filling it out!


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    And still no one replies? -- There are a bunch of people viewing this constantly, why does no one say anything? I was simply requesting knowledge and respectful opinions from all, I would appreciate the knowledge of female perspective at OCS in case I am fortunate enough to be selected.

    -Thanks again.

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    Easy there ktesnow. First of all, there aren't that many females on this site to begin with, let alone one who has gone through PLC and the OCS process.
    Second, this topic has been asked and answered many times before on this site....that could be the reason for not getting the answers you're looking for.

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    Did you research previous posts ?

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