My Final Poolee Post!
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    My Final Poolee Post!

    Let me start this by saying thank you to all those current and past Marines who have spent and continue to spend much of their free time on forums such as this one in order to help us Poolees and wannabees. It is greatly appreciated the information and insight you provide to us as well as the encouragement as we all try to become one of the few along side you all.

    With that I say farewell, for now! Tomorrow I leave and finally head off to boot camp! After 5 months in the DEP I think I'm sufficiently ready to take on the challenges to come.

    To anyone else leaving this week or anytime soon: good luck and I look forward to seeing you on the other side! Anyone else leaving tomorrow heading to MCRDSD, maybe I'll see you there!
    Hope to make you all proud! See ya in a few months

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    Good Luck to you.
    See you in 3 months and at that time I have no doubt I will be calling you Brother.

    Get Some !!!

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    Good luck to you on your journey to become a United States Marine. Pay attention to your Drill Instructors, help your fellow recruits out, stay hydrated, and give 110% all the time!!!

    See you in 3 months, and no longer!

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