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    Hello Marines.

    I purchased a book today about Marine Corps knowledge and other things and was wondering what you thought. I found a book online that on amazon shows the same first few pages as the book I purchased and someone had rated and commented that it was basically the book you are issued at bootcamp.

    What I was wondering this a book that will help me if I read it? (Help me learn knowledge and other things) or will it be worthless to me?

    Book I got

    Book someone said that you get at bootcamp

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    The second link is the one I suggested and posted on the Forum a few weeks ago.

    Basically the same.
    Yes it will help you ALOT.
    Read it over and over again and retain the information.

    Good Luck to You.

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    Thank you and I plan on reading the one I have for sure. I think the content is the same just a different cover since I looked on the "look inside" part of the second one and compared it to the one I have and they are the same so far.

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    Things of course could be different, but the first one, the Guidebook, is essentially that, a Guidebook. When I joined, we were issued a Guidebook, and told to use it as good information but something could be different in reality.

    The second link is the Essential Subject Book (EST) we were issued and told that was our Marine Corps gospel.

    It is the second book, EST, that is the official book. I would recommend that you purchase it, too, but make sure you get the latest version. You want up-to-date information.

    Read the Guidebook, too. But if anything is different in the EST, go with the EST.

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    Will do thank you for the advice MOS4429

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