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    I'm with T-Top on this one. Assault is assault, no matter where or under what circumstances it takes place. What would happen if one Marine struck another like that? I'm pretty sure it's covered in the UCMJ somewhere. This recruiter sounds like a sadistic jerk who is taking advantage of his position of authority over these kids, and may hurt someone very seriously if this is allowed to go on. My son's recruiter told me that the only "training" they are allowed to administer is IST-related strength training. Son, you have every right to expect more from your recruiter than what you are getting. What he is doing is not a positive reflection of the Corps, and could become dangerous for the next kid he gets in his sights.

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    What course of action you take is completely up to you, don't expect anyone to make your choice for you. However, I'd go so far as to say it would not be wrong to officially report your recruiter, to anonymously report him, nor would it be wrong to approach him on the subject and allow him to fix himself. I would also say that it would be inappropriate to take no action.

    Obviously every decision has a different outcome; but ask yourself how you would feel if you do nothing and someone else ends up seriously hurt. How would you feel if you decided to speak to your recruiter and nothing changes?

    Whatever action or inaction you decide to take, stand behind your decision and ensure that something favorable happens because of it; be it corrective action or anything else.

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    jjaxs, give us an update on this. Has it been resolved? Is it continuing to occur? What course of action have you taken, if any?

    Hope it is resolved, but let us know if you need further intervention.

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