Marriage and NROTC Waivers?
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    Marriage and NROTC Waivers?

    Evening everyone,

    Long story short. I was granted an NROTC (Marine Option) scholarship when I graduated high school, I accepted it and went to BU as a Midshipman 4/c. While there, I decided the Reserves would be a better suit for me, due to family concerns, so of course, I decided I would do the Reserves. I got out of NROTC right before my first year ended (owing no obligation, service or monetary) and wanted to focus on school, planning on enlisting in the Reserves once I was closer to graduating. Fast forward to present day. I was hoping to get into the 90-day reservist program, so I could go to Boot Camp this summer and then SOI-East next summer. Apparently there's absolutely no chance of that, so fine. Today my recruiter found out that, apparently since I was on the government's dime for that one year, I am now qualified as a Prior Service, and the bar just skyrocketed for me. He tells me it will take a minimum of 16 weeks, praying the waiver goes through. But then, he says once we submit my "marriage waiver", they'll turn it down immediately and I won't be able to get in, simple and plain.

    Are there any recruiters who have heard of anything like this before? I really can't imagine never being a Marine, and I'm working closely with my recruiter, but I was just looking for any outside advice. Also, do I need a waiver for being married? I have no criminal, mental, medical, or any other issues, I do have one tattoo on my right shoulder blade, it is completely covered by PT gear. Thank you all for your time and advice.

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    Matt -- you need to follow the site rules and fill out your profile before posting. Once you get that done, PM me or another Mod, and we can open this back up and go from there.

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    Profile's good, thanks.

    I see that you are local, are you dealing with the recruiters out of the Plymouth office?

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    Negative, out of the Quincy office. I've been told there are no openings for the state until October (I have an infantry contract in the works). I was hoping to leave this summer, but if I can't, next I can leave is January.

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    You should reach out to Leatherneck member afraizaaaa -- he is a straight shooting active Marine recruiter and might offer some info that might help. Good luck.

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    Thank you for the direction, I definitely will. My recruiter is a great guy and a stellar Marine, and I trust him, but I'm starting to seriously wonder if I'm just getting jerked around to see if I give up and save them all the paperwork. By the Marine Corps' definition, I don't qualify as Prior Service (never received a DD-214 or a reenlistment code when I dropped-on-request), so I'm not sure what's up. Thank you again, Wookie, I appreciate it.

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    Got in touch with my former GySgt from the NROTC unit, she told me she thought the recruiter might be jerking me around and to go see another office to get a second opinion. Heading to Plymouth tomorrow. I'll keep you guys updated, maybe this thread can answer someone else's questions in the future. Thanks.

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    Hey all, just posting another update. Spoke with another recruiter (guys in Plymouth, this time) and he confirmed that all the NROTC-prior service stuff was untrue. Since I got out before my sophomore year and incurred no obligation, I'm looked at as just another fresh recruit. And as far as my marriage waiver, all I have to do is fill out the financial statements, which go through review. Looking at a ship date in June now, so all is well.

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    There you go, good luck, thanks for the update.

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    And thank you, sir, for the assistance.

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    Heeeeey again, just posting another update. Just got in touch with my recruiter again and now I'm waiting for my NROTC waiver to get cleared through MCRC. Yes, there was one, despite what I was told, but now I hear it should only be a 2-month max. Kissing my beautiful June Infantry Reserve slot goodbye for the time being and hoping it gets cleared before January. Again, I'm posting this only so others who may have the same question in the future can get a clear answer. My CO from NROTC specifically wrote on my DOR papers that I was disenrolling in order to enlist in the Reserves, so I'm hoping that helps. We shall see.

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