Veteran's authorized to Salute
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    Veteran's authorized to Salute

    I just found out that veteran's and active duty personel out of uniform are now authorized to "now render the military-style hand salute" at the raising, lowering or passing of the flag. They are also authorized to Salute during the playing of the National Anthem. This change was authorized when President Bush signed the Defense Authorization Act of 2009.

    Why am I always the last to know?!

    Semper Fi, brothers....don't forget to Salute from now on!

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    Now I have a question regarding my own post! Should the salute be rendered with our without let's say a ball cap? Should I take the cap off and salute? Or salute with the cap on?

    This is all to confusing for an old jar head like me!

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    Salute with the ball cap on,if you take it off, then you would hold it over your heart.
    I have been saluting ever since I got out of the Corps Feb 1972, I didn't need anyone to "authorize" it.

    Commander CT 31-1
    Combat Vets Association

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    Almar 052/08
    MSGID/GenAdmin/CMC Washington DC CMC//
    Subj/Customs and Traditions//
    Ref/a/desc:doc/cmc Washington DC/05May2003// AMPN/ref a is MCO
    p5060.20, Marine corps drill and ceremonies manual.//


    1. This Almar reinforces the importance of our customs and traditions and amplifies the provisions of the reference for Rendering salutes and honors to the national flag; the proper conduct of the Marine corps birthday cake cutting ceremony; and The playing of the Marines' hymn.

    2. Customs and traditions provide a link to the past; they bond Marines who have gone before with Marines who will carry the Torch through the future. Any loss of tradition or improper observation of custom blurs our identity and weakens us as an Institution. Through the faithful adherence by commanders and each individual Marine, we preserve our identity and reputation As a unique and elite fighting organization.

    3. Saluting. A recent change to the law has authorized active duty and retired service members to salute the national Colors, whether covered or uncovered, indoors or out. By custom and tradition, Marines do not render the hand salute when Out of uniform or when uncovered. Let there be no confusion; that has not changed. During the playing of the national Anthem, or the raising, lowering, or passing of the national flag, Marines will continue to follow naval traditions and the Policy / procedures contained in reference (a). Specifically, Marines not in uniform will face the flag, stand at attention, And place the right hand over the heart. If covered, Marines not in uniform will remove their headgear with the right hand And place their right hand over their heart. When the flag is not present, Marines will act in the same manner while facing In the direction of the music. In cases such as indoor ceremonies, when Marines are in uniform and uncovered, they will face The flag, or the direction of the music when the flag is not present, and stand at attention.

    4. The Marine corps birthday cake cutting ceremony. The Marine corps birthday cake cutting ceremony is one of our Time-honored traditions in garrison, in the field, and in combat. One of the most important elements of the ceremony is the Traditional recognition of the oldest and youngest Marines present. To clarify the language in reference (a), the commander Cuts the cake and hands the first piece to the guest of honor. Then the commander hands the second piece of cake to the Oldest Marine present as a sign of honor and respect to experience and seniority. After taking a bite, the oldest Marine Passes the second piece of cake, and a clean fork, directly to the youngest Marine present; this action symbolizes the Passing of wisdom, knowledge, and experience, as well as trust and confidence in those who will continue to carry on our Marine corps traditions.

    5. Playing of the Marines' hymn. The Marines' hymn is the official hymn of the Marine corps. It is the song of praise to Our institution and the lyrics are a direct tribute to our warfighting culture. By custom and tradition, the Marines' hymn Is the last song played at ceremonies and gatherings of Marines. Although the reference allows for the playing of special Music requests before the Marines' hymn, such as "anchor's aweigh," this is by exception and at the discretion of the local Commander.

    6. One of our hallmarks as Marines is that we are as good on parade as we are in the attack. Our sharp appearance - in and Out of uniform - and our success in battle are two important parts of our identity. We take pride in our traditions, and Their uniform application, wherever Marines are assigned.

    7. Semper fidelis,

    James t. Conway,
    General, U.S. Marine Corps,
    Commandant of the Marine Corps.

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    Like I said... I dont need any directives telling me if, when and how to salute....
    Bottom line it's all about showing respect!

    Commander CT 31-1
    Combat Vets Association

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    I never really thought about it.During Memorial Day parades,ball games and such I usually took my ball cap off my balding head and put over my heart when the flag passed or the National Anthem was played. It's good to know we as X Marines are given that honor to perform the" Hand Salute".After all, that Oath we all took 40 some years age didn't come with an expiration date.As far as I'm concerned an oath is an oath .It will apply till you die,you're still there in spirit and support.

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    Thanks for the info. on saluting.I see from your profile you've read W.E.B. Griffin.I've read them too.He's outstanding.The series about the Corps was the first I read.His other series are good too
    Semper Fi Brother

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    Just wondering did they really need that? What are they going to light you up because you are in civvis and render a salute to the flag passing?

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    Sorry M. vs R. didn't mean to stir the pot or sound stupid. From now on I'll do more listening and less talking

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelsonrj View Post
    Sorry M. vs R. didn't mean to stir the pot or sound stupid. From now on I'll do more listening and less talking
    I think you took what I said in the wrong context. What I said was did they really need to "allow" you to render a salute when the flag passed if you were no longer in the service.

    Like what would happen before this announcement if you rendered a salute? Was it seen as disrespecting the flag?

    Just seems like a silly MarAdmin.

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    Paying respect to Flag and Anthem

    As citizens we are all obligated to pay respect to the "Flag", when the "Anthem" is played at
    ball games or as it passes in a parade on Memorial Day. I've always have. Some, though,seem to be embarrassed or too cool to be bothered.It's not their fault ,they probably never had to sacrifice for it.In a sense that's why we served, I guess, to give them that option whether we like it or not.It me off but what can you do.
    Question: How do you feel and how do you react when the"Marines Hymn" is played at a parade you attend?I'm sure we're all the same . Semper Fi

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