0352 Lat move with a little over 2 years in service
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    0352 Lat move with a little over 2 years in service

    I'm currently an 0352 Tow Gunner in LAR. I'm a Lance with a little over 2 years in service. I just got back from Afghan a few months ago and I decided that I might want to lat move to try and get into a Recon Bn and go through the indoc.

    I have not talked to my career planner yet, I was seeing if I could gain some information here before I told my CoC. Is it possible to try and lat move now if my unit is no longer on a work up and even extend if the move required me to.
    And would it be possible to do it now or do I have to wait until
    I'm at my 3 year mark?

    I tried searching for these answers but all I can find is poolees asking about recon. I couldnt find much about a grunt trying to do it.

    Semper Fi

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    Hey man no one here is ever going to come close to providing you accurate information about this. You should talk to your career planner or any career planner just to get an idea of what your options are. Then confront your CoC about your intentions.

    Honestly from what I have seen your probably going to have to put a re-enlistment package in with your incentive to lat move over to recon. But of course I am not a career planner.

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    That being said might i ask why you are wanting to get out of tow missles? I am thinking about making the jump for a number of reasons however my time may be up for that as ill be competing for 0369 soon enough.

    Reco is trying to restructure and rebuild now so you MAY have a shot, your best best is to talk to your BN career planner and if he is not to lazy he will be able to guide you. Your best bet is to wait until JUNE when the FY13 boat space/manpower report comes out and see what it looks like in boat spaces for 21's however i have been informed that 0352's are hurting as well for people so getting OUT of that MOS may be hard.

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    im in the process of re enlisting and 52's are pretty short on guys i know if you wanted to do marsoc youd be good the career planner was basically trying to sell his soul to get people into it . and most likely because LAR has maybe a couple tow systems that are ancient especially if hes in 2nd LAR

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