Faded cammies
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Thread: Faded cammies

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    Faded cammies

    I was told last week that my cammies are too faded and i was wondering whats the Marine Corps definition of "too faded?"

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    I'd say eff it and wear them anyways. They aren't faded, you just got some salt on them.

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    My cammies always faded while deployed on ship...still wore them anyway.

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    Isn't this where the term old salts came from?

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    If your Command said too faded--- guess what ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    If your Command said too faded--- guess what ?
    You have that right. Abord ship and in the bush is one thing. But at garrison bases you had best do what you are told.

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    if someone asks you ...they're too faded

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