can i join the marines with a tps
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    can i join the marines with a tps

    Hey my name is Darwin I'm from Honduras living in the US and I have a tps (temporary protection stauts)
    I have a ssn and everything I was wondering if I could join the marines. I have asked around and even went to the home land security office and they told me I could in enlist but not become a officer. I been talking to a recruiter about it but he told me he need to search somethings its been about a month and still haven't hurd nothing every time we talk its like he trys to avid the conversion. I've told him I'm 120% committed to join the corps if possible. Can any one help me? It's almost like I'm getting mixed info

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    Forgot to say I also have a working permit, drivers license, and a social. Been here for over 13 years

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    Try another Recruiter if your getting mixed info.

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    Thank you sir I will do that

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    These things take time. A month is a blip on the radar in the 'big picture'. Personally go to his office and ask about your status. Be ready to leave for recruit training 'yesterday' and have all your affairs in order. But the biggest thing is to be PATIENT.

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    Thank you Sgt Leprechaun I will go as soon as possible I will post up here how it went and what they tell me thank you sir

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    Thank you all for all the comment I was told by my Recruiter that I cant join that all he told me I don't know why I have a tps (temporary protective status somethin like a work permit) ss number high school diploma and clean record I have been here for over 12 years I'm ready and really want to serve my country.... Any one can help me or got any more thoughts or ideas?

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    You just answered your own question.
    "I was told by my Recruiter that I cant join"

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