He made Corporal
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    He made Corporal

    Talked to our son today. He is being promoted to Cpl. Gets pinned on Monday! He's happy and we are, as always, proud!

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    Nice going Pappy, tell him Semper Fi for me.

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    " In God We Trust"

    Cpl Harvey B. "Butch" Harrison Jr.
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    Congratulations to your son, and to you. Time to put on the "Blood Stripe".
    Semper Fidelis.

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    Thanks! Yes, he mentioned something about "having to earn it" and "sore legs for the next few days." lol!

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    Outstanding !!!
    Congrats to all.

    Semper Fi,

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    Congrats to your son ! I do remember the sore legs !

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    I Think something happened to my last post but anyways, Congrats to him i know its a great honor to earn those blood stripes, my Sergeant Major told me the story about when he earned his, sound like "fun"... my cuz just got his about i think a mont ago, and he is very proud im sure this new Corporal will be too..
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    Congratulations to your son. I remember that was a bigger deal than making SGT....at least to a bunch of non rates.

    I was with a 8 man unit when I got Corporal. Wasn't bad. I was with a huge company when I got Sgt. Prior to the ceremony, I was invited by the Master Guns to play golf with him and my GySgt the next day. It's not easy to swing a club when you feel like your arms may fall off at any time.

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