MOS 1117 Water Dogs
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    Question MOS 1117 Water Dogs

    Rah Marines,

    So i was a grunt but got POG'd out because of an inujury. My new mos is 1117. Ive been trying to learn as much about this mos as possible and how life is like as one. No luck so far and i PCS to Camp lejuine tommorow . Can yall help me? Thanks.


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    You know I am not quite sure what you all do most of the time... I know that some times on field ops they might decide to set up a shower unit, which in case is what you guys would be handling.

    In garrison I assume you guys just inventory all your gear, check to make sure its working and perhaps fix anything that needs to be fixed. This is just my limited amount of interaction with you guys.

    I figure going to the MOS school gives you a better idea about what your going to be doing.

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    Do you mean 1171? plumbing and water supply? Yes, there are portable shower units, but there is more to it than that.Decontamination, delousing, impregnating.... 1171's also purify water for consumption in the field..Back in the day, there were Erdalators, then went to the U22446. yes, I still remember that! I went to 1171 school in Ft. Lee, Va. I do believe that school is now at Courthouse Bay, Camp Lejeune. I have TWS friend who was an instructor there for a while. I can hook you up wih him for some answers if you like.... Semper- Fi! (Personally, I have the utmost respect for the grunts! Thank you for your service!)

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