M.C.A.S. Oppama
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Thread: M.C.A.S. Oppama

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    M.C.A.S. Oppama

    Anyone know the history of M.C.A.S. or M.C.A.F. Oppama Japan? It was located on Tokyo Bay just up stream from Yokosuka.

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    I don't know if anyone answered your question.
    I was stationed at Oppama from 8/1954 to 11/1955 as a supply clerk with MAG HR 16. I was told that during WWII the base was a Kamakazai (sp) suicide pilot training air station. When it was first controlled by US Marines in 1945 I was told that they found a Marine Corsair airplane which had been captured by the Japanese.
    Oppama was a good place to be stationed.

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