housing inspection
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    housing inspection

    Can my company 1stSgt inspect all on and off base houses of the married Marines?

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    Absolutely. So long as you live in government quarters it is more then acceptable for anyone in your chain of command to inspect housing. albeit uncommon.

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    duh >....

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    Phantom Blooper
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    What is the reason for your question?

    Is the 1stSGT just inspecting one home for a specific thing?

    Nastiness....Cleanliness...Health and Welfare....Suspected Illegal Activity.....?

    Has the command been notified by base housing requesting intervention?

    Give some more scoop.....

    Been a long time since I was in and only heard of the parent command inspecting an on base home .....because of a stench.....found trash....baby dapers...vermin and roaches ect.

    Needless to say....she went back to her homestate.....he moved into the barracks....and even though the house was old and in dire need of repair was professionally cleaned and exterminated.

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    They can but a command authorization letter is supose to go to the CO first like a "warrant" and there has to be a reason in the box like " health and wellness"

    dont worry its not going to be like a field day inspection in the barracks just an overall living condition experience.

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    It's because the barracks were dirty when our 1stSgt inspected the rooms by himself while the Marines were in the field. He says he will inspect all on and off base houses of married Marines also because of this.

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    A great lesson here. When the 1stSgt has a case of the red ass, everyone pays.

    I knew several like that - great guys, but everything had better be up to snuff or there would be hell to pay everywhere. That is the 1stSgt's job, isn't it?

    Best thoughts, Tom

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    ask if you really want to know
    Have your wife answer the door with a robe on and say " Hold on i need to get dressed" make him wait for an hour he will leave after an hour. lol ok in all seriousness He is probably just being hard nosed dont worry unless your house is trashed or your selling or doing drugs out of it.

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