Chance of getting back in. Anyone will knowledge of enlisting with a RE-3P
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    Chance of getting back in. Anyone will knowledge of enlisting with a RE-3P

    I went to bootcamp (PI) about a year ago. I got cleared by MEPS and was set to go. I left, than about 2 weeks later they told me I was getting sent home because of my back. I had to get all my records and forms sent over to PI.

    I recieved a seperation code of JDA-1 because I had a problem with my back when I was in middle school and saw the doctor for it. I work out everyday and it was never a bother to me until bootcamp. Now looking back I could have gotten through it if I didnt say It bothered me.

    My Re entry code is RE-3P.

    I have been talking to a Army recruiter but honestly if there is a way to get back into the Marines. I'll do it.

    I know I can excell in bootcamp because I have been working on my back and it does not bother me anymore. My doctor also said that he can clear me, I kno the only problem is MEPS.

    Do any of you advice me to go into the Marine recruting station and try to talk to a recrutier?
    What are the chances of me getting back into bootcamp?

    I dont want to settle for the Army.

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    Thread closed until you fill out all of your rules, which can be found in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums. Don't start another thread, just PM, or one of the other mods, and we will open it back up.

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    Thread opened, profile complete....thank you.

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