A Couple of Questions for the Connected
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    A Couple of Questions for the Connected

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

    So I've been in the Corps for a little over a year and have hit a snag. I'm finishing up my MOS school in a couple months (5974, over a year long school) and the reserve station I'm supposed to be going to is getting disbanded before I finish. I was slated to go to MACS 23 in Colorado. I've been in touch with my command but, as of yet, nobody seems to know anything about what I need to do. My first choice is to get activated. I deeply regret taking a reserve contract at the last minute to get to MCRD. I know with the drawdown that will be tough, if it's even possible. But I like my job and I love the Corps. Does anyone know what I can do from here?

    I consider myself an above average Marine in my field, running a 260-270 PFT, 295-300 CFT, Expert on the range, top of every class since boot camp, and able to get several positive LOR's. If it's a competitive matter, I think I have a good base for it, but no one has even told me what the process entails.

    Second question: Whatever happens with my active or reserve status, I intend on finishing my Bachelors and submitting a package for the ECP. It would probably take me 2 years (working full time either active duty or reserve with a civilian job), so I know it's hard to predict the state of the Corps, especially with an election year. Anyone have any personally experience with the commissioning process?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, so thank you for your time.

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    You should apply for the Naval Academy. Look into it.

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    I had considered that too, the only reason I chose not to is because A: I'm 24 and B: I'm already almost done with my Bachelor's.

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    Gotcha. I think you are in a pretty unique situation. I would continue to address your chain of command and find out what your options are. If you are set on getting commisioned, might try MECEP or one of the other programs.

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