0321 recon contract gone?! any info please!
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    0321 recon contract gone?! any info please!

    So i had a ship dat for this sunday march 25th to go to boot with my 0321 contract. I just got a call from my recruiter saying the marines just got rid of all 0321 contracts as of today. So i lost my job and ship date! Does anyone have any info or advice on this? I know i had some type of clause in the contract that was about them getting rid of my contract. I meet with my rec. Saturday and i will reread my contract! Thank you

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    Well, it looks like if you want it bad enough you might have to earn it the old fashioned way. Like 99.99% of all recon Marines do.

    Keep in mind, you need to capitalize the M in Marines. You have been around here long enough to know that.

    Why or how did that change your ship date?

    Good luck.

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    I apologize about the m in Marines my phone changes it but i should have paid attention. I do not know why anything changed. I dont mind doing it the old fashioned way at all as far as recon. Its the loss of shipping thats got me worried and now i have to hope for an open infantry contract i guess.

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    Me personally, if I was in your shoes I would rather stay under the radar and not go in with a "guaranteed" contract for 0321.

    Not to imply you will have an easier time of it, but with that contract you are definitely gonna get some attention. Maybe you can handle it and maybe it won't matter. But if you are really worth their time and effort, and they will see that in you fairly quickly, then you will get the chance to try out regardless.

    Go to bootcamp as an "average joe", be a leader, listen, work hard and good things will find you.

    Just my two cents, others may feel differently, but I would rather fly under the radar and surprise people with my performance, and not skyline myself unnecessarily with some unrealistic "recruiter" guarantee.

    Good luck, focus on shipping and earning the title, that is goal number one -- from there with the right mindset you can do anything.

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    Thank you so much thats probably the best advice ive been givin! I really appreciate your help!

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