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    This one doesn't have the options to make it that personal but it's freakin beautiful and it is a "Desert Storm" Marine Corps signet ring in gold and silver for actually less than the one above. this one is only $213.95 that's with shipping. The Dunham is $248 total but it's like 6 week wait but it does have the specifics like I can put the 1st Marine Division and I will have them put 7th Marines on that side and Desert Storm on the other side and they will put "Ripper Vet" for Task Force Ripper..decisions decisions...
    Sounds like the one in the Legion Mag, be careful, check the co. out. we had a couple of guys get ripped.

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    I'm already paranoid being a cop and taking reports everyday for wire fraud I don't like buying stuff off the net either. Well i finally did it. I actually wen't in a whole different direction on the "custom sides" ideas..heck I have a shadow box and even a year book of my service stuff so instead I got a good sterling silver ring that is freakin awesome. Now I will be paranoid until I get it in the mail as to wheter or not I was ripped off. If not here is the ring I got and its awesome. I wen't with the FMF instead of the simple EAG or a stone etc..

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    Great choice Brother.

    Let me know when you get it if it was worth it.
    I want one.

    Semper Fi,

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    Yes I got the "FMF" ring and it was nice however unlike the pictures the site post I couldn't see any of the details especially the wording that reads "Fleet Marine Force" so I took it to a local jeweler not a chain jewelry store but a lady whose been doing it for over thirty years and she did a "antiquing" process where it blackens the backgroud and brings out the details. I got it today it cost me seventy bucks but it was well worth it. It looks "awesome" now. I also got my initials and mos engraved inside the band. I'll try and post a picture of it though my cell camera is blurry.

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