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    Quote Originally Posted by tommielynn View Post
    Thank you MOS -- You're absolutely right about the credit issue. Thankfully, his command automatically referred him to the Navy Releif Society "just in case" the person tried to use his credit also. They were already investigating the credit fraud before the first rejection letter came in the mail. Seems they may have some experience with this kind of thing!

    MarineMom, my son has a extremely kind, giving, and forgiving heart. I'm more like you, I want to wring the kids neck! If I ever see him again, it will be too soon.

    Thanks again to all of you, everyone here is just awesome!

    p.s. I get to see my Marine next month, I'm going to 29 Palms! So excited!
    So excited for you that you get to visist your son!! And I am not one to hold a grudge, and my son doesn't understand why it bothers me so much when it was his stuff, that he took. But I look at as he took these things out of my house, I just feel like his stealing. But in his mind, he a reason for doing it. If would have came to me and asked me for money, I would have probably given it to him....Oh well. I am trying to forgive him, just take time. Have a great vist!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbharrison View Post
    Got to thinkin just maybe this guy has something to hide, like he is wanted for something else or has NO DL of his own. It may be suspened and he used your sons name becuase of that. Just thinkin?

    Yes, that's exactly why he did it.

    Looks like I spoke a little too soon when I said I was off the hook on this one -- my son called me yesterday and said he was gonna have to commission some leave to attend the hearing this Thursday. What?!! "I can't have a warrant out for my arrest Mom!!". To which I said "I thought your command was taking care of this!?!" Seems the paperwork hasn't made it through the Chain of Command and back to the Court in Houston (half or more of Unit is at MWTC Bridgeport, not sure if thats why or if its just a slow process). He tried explaining to his dumb civilian momma that the Corps don't care about this excuse and that excuse, if a warrant is issued, they'll take him to the Brig and sort it out later. LOL. Lordy lordy that was a stressful conversation.

    So I contacted the court, and they gave me a packet of paperwork for him to complete. He's gotta get it notarized and return it with signature samples. I suppose I'm going to take all his paperwork and my POA to the courthouse on Thursday night. Or maybe before then as the notice says "on or before 4/12 at 9pm", seems to say you can go before the actual court date.

    Will keep you posted.

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    Wow!! I am so sorry. While he is home make sure he beats the holy sh** out of this "friend" that did this to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marinemom32 View Post
    Wow!! I am so sorry. While he is home make sure he beats the holy sh** out of this "friend" that did this to him.

    I'm hoping he doesn't have to come home! That's why I'm gonna take all his stuff to the court with my POA, not sure if that will work, but I'm gonna try.

    My son doesn't have extra money to spend coming home to take care of some BS that he had nothing to do with. So if he ends up having for come home, that kid might find out what happens when you #*&% with a Marine!

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    Oh yeah I didn't think about that, sorry. Well hopefully since you do have his POA, the court will help you. What happend to the friend coming with you to court, or even when you take all the paperwork to the courthouse before the court date? Is he now unwilling to say exactly what happened?

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