Preparing to PCS and have a few questions.
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    Preparing to PCS and have a few questions.

    Good afternoon Marines, I am currently finishing up C school in New River NC. And just received orders to HMMT-164 the Knightriders. Pretty psyched to go to Cali, haven't ever really been there. Most of all been away from the wife for 15 months so that'll be nice to finally reach are duty station. Anyway, my questions are as follow.

    Anyone from HMMT-164 here that would like to shed some light on the unit?

    Does anyone know if 164 is in Northern or Southern Camp Pendleton?

    As far as living on or off base, anyone feel one is better than the other?

    That is all for now Marines, OORAH and have a great day.

    Pfc Schaberg

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    When I was there, we rented in San Clemente (just outside the San Onofre gate in northern CAMPEN) while on the waiting list for base housing. We had to wait 14 months before we could move in (no children). It's Southern California which means it's all expensive no matter where you live. You can't go on the base housing waiting list till you actually check in to your squadron so be sure to get to the housing office as soon as you can. The helicopter squadrons were at MCAS Tustin when I was there so can't tell you where on base they are located now. I really enjoyed my time at Camp Pendleton and believe you will too. Good luck with the move and getting settled in Devil Dog!

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    I would think they would be near the flight line which is closer to the South end. Oceanside is close, but I didn't spend any time there. I worked on mainside and chose to live in Fallbrook. Out the NE side of Pendleton and through the Naval weapons base.

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    Thank you MSgt and Big Boz!

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    All good advice.

    Job well done Marine !!!

    Good luck to You and your Wife.

    Semper Fi,

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