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    Forgive any typos...I'm doing this on my phone. I went to Vietnam with my dad on two occasions and returned with numerous dog tags (fully aware of the dog tag counterfeit stories) and are trying to return them to their owners. We have returned four so far. In my research I've discovered that we have tags for a Clifton (Cliff) Spiller and a Lancaster Brown-Bey, both with 2/26 and KIA around Margo. Please take a look at www.dogtagscomehome.com/tags/
    and see if you can help us identify any tags so we can get them to the right people. The web page is not very sofisticated, but my dad and I are just a couple Marines with no computer background. On it you will find a short video about how we came to begin this labor of love.

    Here re is a link to a story about a successful reunion:

    Please contact me as I want to learn more about LZ Margo and return these pieces of history to the rightful owners.

    Semper Fidelis
    Tim Dekryger USMC 1990-2014 Somalia/Iraq
    William Dekryger USMC 1966-1969 RVN


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    Looking for anyone who was at LZ Margo Sept. 16-17, 1968, for first person accounts. VFW Magazine is producing a book about the deadliest battles of the Vietnam War. Please contact me if you were there. rwidener@vfw.org.

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    Yessir I Co 3/26 3rd Plt I wanna say Aug or Sept '68...I used my Laptop 4 target practice am only using a Iphone from now on I'm @ Eagleowl1@icloud.com J.E "Ghost" Gruenwald 0311 PointMan S/F

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    Hello everyone. I am fortunate to be the nephew of Sgt Dave Hunt-2/26 LZ Margo '68. Unfortunately we lost him on 8/25/17. At 70 years of age he was still laying block and pouring concrete the day before. He was a true inspiration and a hero to many. Reading the prior post #17 here in this thread, Dave's experience was chronicled in that book. He was so proud to have been part of that book and he wanted everyone in his life to read it so they may have an understanding of what has tormented him through all these years. If you have the chance, the book Brutal Battles of Vietnam" which is due to be published shortly, is a great read and the VFW writer did perfect job in my opinion The early editions were recently sent to the families.

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    I was there..got medi-vaced days before the s*** hit the fan. 2/26 Whiskey 81's.Was also at Khe Shan, 881 and 861 and others. Memory is fading but still remember some stuff.
    Semper Fi.

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    Great to see my brothers who served in the 26th Mar. Regiment. Jack and I are also Shet Creek Survivors.

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    Well sure glad your still here. Something really cool I did in November. I was at the USMC birthday at Cookies Tavern in Philly. If you've never been I will tell you it's jarhead mecca. Uncle Dave was a religious attendee for decades. My first time. But I got to hang with several guy's from his squad and platoon. I knew my uncle had been bayoneted in the leg but they certainly filled in some of the blanks I didn't know.

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    On this Memorial Day I would like to remember ALL of those who did not come home and those that are no longer with us. Espically those that are really close to me. My Brother Jim (USN) who passed away five years ago, My cousin Larry (USA, KIA) in Vietnam and My Squad Leader Lanny (USMC, KIA) in Vietnam.They are always in my mind for as long as I am around. ALL of the fallen from all of the wars should be remembered not only today but every day for without their sacrifice this would not be the country that it is today. SemperFi..and RIP you are NOT forgotten.

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