ID/Dog Tag Chain
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    ID/Dog Tag Chain

    Hey quick question.

    I have been searching around the internet for answer to this question and can't seem to find a solid answer.

    I just graduated boot camp and while on boot leave I went to my recruiting station. And a PFC that was on R.A. was wearing a different chain (then the issued chain) with his I.D tags. What are the regulations for the chain with your tags? Can you wear a thicker chain? Different styles?

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    No. The issued ( repalcement from PX) are made to break apart if it gets caught on anything. That Marine is wrong, and if he wants to be disgusting with some flava flav chain with his dogtags on it (problably hanging outside his shirt) its up to yo to correct him.

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    Stick to asking questions in ONE thread only.
    You have Marines replying to you in 2 threads.
    I deleted the other posts in the first thread.

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    Correct. The 'breakaway' chain is that way, for a reason. While other chains are certainly sold and available, just because they *are* doesn't make them within regs, or *right*. The breakaway is that way so you don't strangle yourself (or so that someone can't strangle YOU).

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    don't think a bigger chain would accommodate the hole on the tag

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