Trying to locate anybody that knows
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    Trying to locate anybody that knows

    A Marine named Andrew Eixman. Don't know if he is Active, Retired, Former Active, or Poser. Claims he lives in Texas. He ripped off a guy on Craigslist. Any info would help. Thanks.

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    My apologies, but I just have to laugh at this one a bit, Mr. Davis.

    Good luck.

    Joe Pool, Senior Applications Developer
    USMC Dates: 880823 - 920823; Final Rank: E-4
    PvtShane: "Marines have a high standard, you'll meet it, you have no choice in the matter."
    Avoid Sears Home Improvement!

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    Little work---- might produce results

    Comb the site members list to see if you can match
    Next site members list on military dot com

    How much effort is it worth ?

    Again good luck

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