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Thread: RIP SokDoK

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    RIP SokDoK

    Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    I am saddened to notify you all that my dad SokDok, Donald Perry has passed away. Pop was a Korean War Corpsman veteran and retired Mustang Officer. He died of complications from a blood clot and kidney failure after a long illness. He was 80 years old. I have not posted much my self recently due to his illlness. He was tough to end and fearlessly represented our Naval and Marine Corps Traditions.

    He wanted me to let you all know that while he only posted a few times here, he was a frequent visitor and enjoyed the internet connections from the Marines, Navy and all military people. His career obviously influenced me to join the Corps.

    Semper Fi Pop! /salute

    Mark (aka-Monty)

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    R I P sir,,

    The Proud, The Few, The Constitutional Marine
    Merry Christmas

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    Rest in Peace Mr. Donald Perry, and my condolences for the family.

    Semper Fi, Bro.

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    .....I remember having a few posts exchanged with your Dad. He was one of the "good-guy's". I'll light a candle for him, tomorrow.
    "Rest in Peace, Brother"!.....

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    May he RIP,Semper Fidelis.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. RIP Mr Perry.

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    RIP brother. God Bless.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Sorry for your loss....prayers outbound!

    Lost Harbor

    There is a port of no return, where ships
    May ride at anchor for a little space
    And then, some starless night, the cable slips,
    Leaving an eddy at the mooring place . . .
    Gulls, veer no longer. Sailor, rest your oar.
    No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.

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    So sorry for your loss Brother.
    RIP Mr. Perry and Thank You for Your Service...

    Semper Fi,

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    Rest in Peace Doc Marine Perry,May you and your Family be Blessed by God Forever.Thank you for Your Service,and your Son's also........Semper Fi Brother

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    Hey all,

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters!

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    R.I.P. Doc, thank you for your service.

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