Need advice here, I'm flippin' out.
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    Exclamation Need advice here, I'm flippin' out.

    I am currently in the D.E.P

    Though before this happened, I conducted all sorts of research on the Marine Corps. I looked at what it had to offer me, and as an Individual what I had to offer the back.

    Once I came to my decision to enlist, I looked into what could stop me. Things such as Police history, Medical History, current medical conditions, other things of that nature. I scanned pages and pages of information off the internet until my eyes bled. I typed question after question into google trying to sate my curious nature and my suspicions until I developed carpal tunnel. (not really, but you get the notion)

    All of this and I could not find a single blemish on any of my records that would constitute a DQ of any sort from enlistment.

    Conifident in this I lost near 40 pounds, which put me in the eligible range of BW to enlist. I then filed the medical paperwork with my recruiter and he sent it up to MEPS. 4 days later I officialy 'swore' into the Corps and was enrolled into the D.E.P- my trip up to MEPS went without a hitch, even scored a 75 on the ASVAB.

    this is wear things get a little ansty.

    Somewhere online I read that Psoriasis of any sort is a PDQ, and no waivers are issued for the conidition. I was thinking to myself: Hmmmm.

    I recall on the intial paperwork before MEPS that it asked if you had any history of Psoriasis and I checked no. Why? Because as far as I know I do NOT have it.

    No you ask why I'm bringing it up in the first place if I do infact not have it. Well, to rephrase I've never been to a dermatologist for any reason. Certainly not for Psoriasis. I've never shown any sign of the condition EVER on my body in my entire life.

    However, on my mother's side of the family there are multiple cases of psorsiasis. Including my Mother and my sister.

    So i got to thinking...what if I somehow have it? But like I said I have never shown any symptoms that shout: THIS IS PSORAISIS.

    So I got to thinking even harder.

    I said to myself: Well, I do have dandruff on my scalp and my eyebrows. And My face drys out rather easily

    I've examined it in the mirror and I really started to freak out about it. What if it's not just dandruff? What if it is infact psoriasis, albeit a very mild case? The more I look the more I doubt that it's only dandruff.

    I'll descirbe it exactly as it appears.
    Small, tiny white flakes that are spread out on my scalp, loose mostly. But some areas have a tiny deposit of dead, dry skin. Same for my eyebrows, and the area around my nose tends to get dry

    THese only ever occur after I take a shower. Ususally 1-2 hours pass before they appear. That andd if I go 2-3 days without a shower -

    I develop red spots around my scalp. Thier not small, but their not big either. Kinda in between. Also, they do not flake themselves. I find them in the front of my scalp and on the sides. They usually go away about a day after I wash my hair. These spots are what really worry me, the dry skin I chalk up to dandruff. However I can not explain the spots Or why they only appear If I fail to wash my hair for 2 or more days

    These things said my scalp does NOT itch awhole lot. Infact it really never itchs. The red spots are not sore, they do not hurt when I rub them

    All these things said, I know what psorsaisis looks like when it's severe. But Im not sure what it looks like when it's extremely mild.

    Could it just be that I have an irritable scalp/dandruff? Or I possibly have... Psoriasis?

    I can't bring myself to go to a dermatologist to have it looked at because if it is psoriasis, i'll be crushed and my future will be gone.

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    Personally I wouldn't worry about it. Especially since you are in the DEP already -- you are over-thinking it. However, I would suggest you go see your family doctor. We are not doctors here. Especially not the pooless. You might get a lot of opinions (which is why I am gonna close this) but you won't get the kind of answers you need.

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