Reserves questions
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    Reserves questions

    Good morning all...

    I graduated PI in January and I'm currently in ITB. While here, due to the downsizing of the Marine Corps, several reservists have been told they are being forced to change MOS's due to their units being shut down. Others that won't sign the 'distance waivers' are being discharged. While as of now this hasn't affected me, I've heard that my unit charlie co 1/25 is either consolidating with or changing to 2/25, but apparently my 0311 contract is still good to go.

    My question in regards to that is how would this effect me if at all? I'm hoping that one of you out there is in he know, maybe even in my unit to shed some more light on it for me.

    Secondly, 2/25 is apparently scheduled for an activation/deployment in 2013 to Okinowa since we were told that all Afghanistan deployments are now fulfilled. I was wonderig what sort of training we would be doing as a reserve unit in Oki. I just never heard of a reserve unit activated for non-combat especially being an infantry unit...

    Either way, so far I've loved every bit of my time in the Marines and I look forward to any and all opportunities that may present themselves... My one regret to this point is not holding out for an active contract, but that's a moot point by now anyway...

    So anyone that could shed some light onto this for me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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    Your best answers will come from your unit.
    Begin with your chain of command and you probably will need to se your unit admin.

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    1 / 25 did a unit deployment program to okinawa in 2003. They trained in Oki for a few months and did things like Operation Southern Watch where they helped protect ships going by Africa, mainly Somalia. I would talk with some of the senior Marines at your unit when you get there.

    The lance corporal underground will rampant with rumors about unit deployments / downsizing and other stuff that will be many times above your pay grade. Don't trust anything until you are actually doing it cause things can, do, and will change at the last second

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