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    I was a Marine Security Guard stationed at the American Embassy Santo Domingo
    (1962-1965) During the crisis of 1965 I guarded the Embassy, Staff, and the Ambassador. Also we were responsible for burning all of the Embassy's Top Secret Documents. (24 hours to burn it all in burn barrels) In addition, I escorted the Ambassador and dignitaries to various off premise locations via Army Helicopters. CPL. John P. Bender

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    You did a "Job Well Done" A very good book to read about dignitaries of and for the USA is done by Private Military Contractors That book is "Zero Footprint" by Simon Chase and Ralph Pezzullo. I learnd a little more about Benghazi from this book. To me it was a very good read. SEMPER-FI

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    I was Lance Cpl in H&HS Co 3/6 aboard the USS Boxer, one group went in the first night off shore, rest of us went in the next morning, perimeter of the Embassy and was with the Battalion Commander and Legal Officer the rest of the time.

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