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    meritourius(fubar spelling?) cpl board

    im going up against two of my radio brothers and several other comm marines for cpl. im the only female. except for pt rifle score and belt im as good or better as my brothers. ive been studyin like crazy while they play beer pong and call of duty. my uniforms look good enough to make a first sgt and former hat from the eighties self concius about how his look. i have a first class pft and cft im goin to the range right before the board and workin on my belt. when it comes to bearing i have next to none. (trust me the dis tried it didnt stick) but i have more then my brothers do. theres only one of them that is my biggest competition. the entire time in the fleet i have been compared to him. and now our competition is gonna go down in front of the head honchos of the company. any advice on how i can take the board and prove im just as good a the boys?

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    Looks to me you need a better profile of yourself,Semper Fidelis.

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    That was might thought as well. Chawney, you say you are going up on a corporal board, but your profile says you are an E-1 having been in since 2010.

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    no im a pfc i pick up lance on the first of march. then a couple weeks later i go on the board its just company level and then bn then division. i doubt ill get it unless someone really loses their bearing. but it looks good that i go on it after being just a baby lance and i figure if i go on this board and try my hardest 1. ill have a better understanding of whats expected 2. ill know what areas i need to improve on. yes i want it badly its just gonna take more time but i figure if i keep workin the way i am ill get another sho at a board ill have more time more experiance and will rate it more then i do now.

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    has anyone sat on a board? what do yall usually look for? the sgts in my plt talked to me about the ones theyve been in and sat on. i only have three mcis done but i did three this weekend and my second book report the ugly american was one of the worst books ive ever read and message to garcia shouldnt count as a book but hey i dont make the rules i also have humvee courses and a few more marine net classes i need to get tested out then i get my grey belt. how much dos stuff like this play into it. if i have a **** hot lookin uniform good pro cons can spit knowledge with plenty of confidence good with the drill movements will that outway not havin 20 mcis or a bunch of vaulenteer hours. my ncos told me be confident but not cocky. know the basic **** ive got history chain of command regulations general orders the "firsts" code of conduct i know what the truck on the flag pole is and whats inside the max effective and max ranges of the weopons were taught in mct. am i focusing too much energy on knowledge should i ut more on mcis and stuff like that.

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    Hey there Marine...
    You want to be taken seriously, how about using a different profile pic than what you have now.
    I get on wannabes and poolees cases for this. Try using some basic sentence structure - capital letters at beginning of sentences, capitalize the letter "I", and use punctuation marks were needed. While you may think that it's not that big of a deal, it is.

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    Yes I want to be taken seriously Im tryin to get the advice I need so I changed the picture to one where I was the only female not to fall out of the hike and me bein able to gut it out earned my plts respect a bit more. and I filled out the profile like yall want. now can someone answer my questions?

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    First of all, when I read your posts and questions, it seems a little incredulous that a PFC is posting how to present herself to a corporal board, indicating she will pick up lance corporal in March and then immediately be put up for a corporal board.

    If your NCO's and Staff NCO's are indicating to you that is their plan, they should have their heads examined. You need to first pick up lance corporal and then demonstrate leadership qualities and traits that would merit being put up to become a noncommissioned officer. And you indicate in your original post that you have next to none with respect to military bearing. How can a PFC with next to no military bearing be being told she is going to be put up for meritorious corporal? Illogical.

    Number two, if you are going up for meritorious corporal, it is supposed to be based on your merit, the fact that you have leadership qualities, MILITARY BEARING, skill, character that stands out from your peers, and when you go before a board, it is based on those meritorious qualities that you are supposed to possess.

    I do not believe it appropriate to provide "tips" or "insight" that would give you a cutting edge above your peers such that you enter into that board with a slight edge not based on the qualities that would cause someone to recommend to put you up in the first place.

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    ok im thinkin i shouldnt have to justify myself bein on this board but hey whatever yall want. im not gonna win it i know that very well. but it will look good that i got put on it. and if i do my best and try my hardest then down the road when i get on another one ill know what to expect and my strengths and weaknesses a little better. am i ready to be a cpl. no, not yet. this is going to be a very good learning experiance and i never half ass anything so im goin to try my hardest. i hold a billette that only sgts are supposed to have and ive done better with it and run it better then the four sgts that had it since ive been here. when the cpls got ****ed that a pfc had such a high billette they tried to talk the sgts into taking it from me. so then alll my work improvements reports mos knowledge attitude and pros and cons were evaluated. it should that having my billette improved me as a marine and in turn i made huge improvements to the cage. after that i kept my billette. then this board came up they saw all the work id done, the leadership i show amongst my peers, the fact i can out pt half the males and all but like two females. my licenses, loas, and they decided i should go on. origionally it was a meritorius lcpl board. turned out i pick up lance before the board so ill go up for cpl. like i said i wont win but im still going to try.

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    Okay. And don't consider my comments as a personal attack because they are not. They are based just generically on what you have provided and from past experience.

    In your bio you state, "if u have any stories or advice im a great listener and eager to hear it," so there are times comments may be more critical than we expect. The facts as you presented them are unusual. I have put up LCpls and Cpls before for meritorious boards, and it was always based on how they conducted themselves in their current rank. Even you indicate you are not ready to be a corporal, but what if you are selected? You will be one, and I would not sell myself so short as you are doing by indicating you know you will not be selected.

    You never know what takes place at these boards. I went up for meritorious Cpl myself, given about three days to prepare, did not expect to be selected due to short notice, but it really comes down to how you present yourself before the board.

    One of the concerns I would have is what you indicate is almost no military bearing. One's bearing before a meritorious board is huge.
    You indicate you know your strenghs and weaknesses. That is a good thing. Like I said, I do believe the board should be based on the merits of the individuals before it, but you had asked if you can focus on too much knowledge. Knowledge is a good thing. Good luck!

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    rgr that. and thanks for explaining. Everyone i have talked to says that bearing is huge. my cousin had a gunny make faces at him to try to see if hed lose his bearing and he stayed locked and cocked. its not that i laugh and lose it its more that i get frustrated and flusterd i may not say anything but you can see it very easily in my face. i dont chew on my lips like when i first got to the fleet. i saw a marine get popped in the mouth so now i bite the tip of my tounge. my concern is that the higher ups wholl be on the board all know who i am and quite a few have seen my temper. (when u watch pregnant females who are boot to you not do anything or come into the fleet fat and lost and rude while you work hard to disprove the terrible steryotypes we have and see them babied because their on post partem or pregnant you would lose your temper too. situational awareness though firt sgt co gunny and the co were right down the line and heard every word oops) so im wondering if theyll try to fire me up and see if i can control it. beings that the boards in a couple weeks id still be a baby lance. the other two lances in my shop are five months senior to me. each of us has our differnt strenghts. one is the pt stud. the other i swear has the magic touch when it comes to any satcom. im the work horse. between the three of us is a ton of mos knowledge and if one of us doesnt knw something the other two will and we teach eachother. whenever we train one of us is at the ant hill one at rxt or one forward or near the coc this way radio pretty much is always up well for our bn anyway. my brothers would both make good cpls. its just always a competition between us three.and i think it will boil down either to who looks best on paper, or who in the board stood out the most. the ncos couldnt pick just one of us thats why the two lances got put on like i said i was supposed to be tryin for meritorius lnce but since im pickin up they decided to keep me on the cpl board.

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    0621radiogal - I suggest you take the spelling and grammar MCI for Marines. Or, just use a browser that supports spell check.

    Your situational awareness is terrible.

    Best of luck.

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    No worry about higher ups. They put their pants (or skirts) on the same way as you do and they are just people. I wouldn't worry about PT studs. You won't be running a PFT in front of the board. If you are being put up for this board, then somebody sees potential in you. Be yourself. Study your knowledge and current events.

    I agree with thewookie, though. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation is deplorable, and that is not a slam on you, but something to hone in on and correct. Today's generation does not see that much value in it, but believe me, there is. I interview people frequently, and I read their applications. Take two people who are equal in all areas but spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and I'll pick the one who has the strength in that area.

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    No advice to add. Just do your best (nobody can ask for anything more).

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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    This makes me sick to my stomach. YOU DO NOT RATE TO BE A NCO. how about you taking some time out of your day to check your spelling, at least google the word meritorious. You want to be a "Leader of Marines" yet you sound like a boot female who just thinks because shes a female that your rifle, MCMAP, or PFT score doesnt matter, are you retarded? I have boot bands that have more time in service then you. How about you take sometime in the Corps since you graduated boot camp yesterday and learn what it takes to be a Non Commisioned Officer. I spent 3.5 years in the Corps before i even expected to obtain the rank of Corporal. I dug fighting holes without questions, stood duty and fob watch because i was the boot. I said " Aye Sgt" to anything passed down whether I agree'd or not. A board is just what you think its not. Its not about your job "USUALLY" your on a board with other people in your BN who do different jobs, You will do a PFT the morning off and in the boards ive been on you have tan belt MCMAP, CLS, Drill, Land Nav, among other things like that, the only part that lets you do somthing that is not on paper is the interview with the SGT MAJ, or 1st Sgt. I love how you havnt even achieved the rank of Lance Corporal yet you think you rate to talk like your ready to be an NCO. Take a walk boot and if your chain of command is stupid enough to put you on a board already with your 1 ribbon then you must be really pretty.

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