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    Exclamation I need some info please!

    I dropped my husband off at the airport yesterday for MCT, and I was wondering: Since his MCT and MOS school are only 2 hours away from each other && and he's going straight from MCT to MOS school will he get leave after MOS school?

    If you can answer that, that would be great!

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    Up to his next unit and there otempo. Usually yes he can take around 10 days to get household things in order but if there about to deploy or need him they may go straight there.

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    Ok, so since he is a Field Radio Operator, he might be needed and shipped off somewhere?

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    Remember: He only gets a fixed number of vacation days a year. If he doesn't need to take the days now, it might be nice to have them available at other times of the year (i.e. Holidays).

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    Since it's MCT -> MOS school then he has the chance to take either leave or PTAD in conjunction with orders. A lot of MOS schools are backed up nowadays, so even if he doesn't get it in between, he most likely will be able to once he gets to his MOS school.

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    What is PTAD? I was just curious, because my buddy in Afghanistan told me since his school isn't backed up he will most likely be coming home afterwards, I just like to stay informed All the info I can get is very helpful

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    You can askall the questions you want but the only person who knows. What's going to happen is the minitor. I don't care what anyone says there going to do what they want withhim. He's not yours anymore.. he's the Marine Corps .. enjoy the ride

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    I will do my best, I will be the Marine Corps in few months, I will be joining as soon as I get the waiver for my scars. I hope that we can make things work! I have confidence in our relationship as a whole, but you never know. I hope that our time in the Marine Corps will make us even stronger and we wont grow apart...

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