Marine Killed By Deputy in Orange Co.
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    Marine Killed By Deputy in Orange Co.

    "Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr. was shot to death during the predawn hours Tuesday under largely unexplained circumstances in a parking lot at San Clemente High School.",584000.story

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    I agree Dave, the thing that jumped out to me was the fact that it was his own children and he was unarmed. Really makes you wonder what the commands were. And how the kids were behaving. Screaming in fear or not? We'll probably never get the whole story on this one either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC1963 View Post
    It's like headlines that read "Man Kills Unarmed Teen",
    We just had a similar event in Reading Pa. near me. Older guy riding his bike killed a kid. Turned out the GROUP of kids had mugged/ robbed another older person earlier that same day. Then thier luck ran out. Makes you wonder how the legal system finds time to go after the Ryan Jerome's of the world.

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    The kids in particular Dave, and it seems form the report Sgt. Loggins kids were nearby when the shooting occured.

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    Waiting on the 'rest of the story' to come out on this one.

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    Yeah, this one has caught my eye,, I can't see how it was justified, but I'll wait for more info before i totally blow my lid. WTF?

    RIP, Marine

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    Justified the deputies killing of this MARINE???????????????????????????????????????????? Is this going to be a "Cover-Up"?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????

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    One thing for sure...... Orange County SO is in the "cover my a** mode!" You can bet on that!

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    i hope you will keep us all posted on this,, because there are two different pictures being painted by both the police and Camp Pen..and i tend to go with the people who worked with him everyday they would be the first to see a change in him....

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    What would Chesty do? Would he load up the division and truck them to San Clemente? Just a thought.

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    Today's update - 7 hours ago...

    Note this: "First, the Sheriff's Department explained the shooting by saying the deputy had feared for his life, but did not say why the veteran lawman believed he was in danger. Then, as outrage mounted, the department announced the deputy had feared - not for himself - but for the safety of Loggins' 14 and 9 year old children ???"

    He fired into Loggins' white GMC Yukon, fatally wounding him as two of his young daughters sat in a back seat.

    Really worrried about the kids, huh?
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    Can't wait to see what the next version, as to what happened out there, is!

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