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    well I get on here when I really feeling lost and forgotten. I had a talked with the attorneys and they stated that I need to provide documentation on exactly what happen to me in the big green machine as proof that these stressors cause my ptsd.I was at the clean-up at Mount Fuji fire and and I was in the philappeans when the Gysgt was shot and killed out in the subic bay area, I was really taken back at how the VA can medicate me and then have me sit with various doctors and then tell me after 3 years of trying to help me with panic attacks and depression. they do not believe me about situations that happen in the military. So now I will get statements and talk more about things I try to keep really to myself. My friends sometimes say talking helps well I hope expressing myself here helps
    Prayers up for Justice Brother.

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    stalker sometimes group at va ,helps me to be around other vets,and a little therapy one on one ,good luck s/f

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    this might help ya Kirk

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kirk View Post
    I just got turned down on my VA re-evaluation. Can't climb stairs, nearly can walk,can't remember much of anything. lost a kidney, lung and paralyzed left arm and they say I'm still employable.
    Have you tried the DAV? Friend of mine gave me thier number n stuff. They have a office in Cinci n Cleveland

    Main site:

    Cleveland, Ohio
    VA Regional Office
    1240 E. 9th St., Rm. 1015
    Cleveland, OH 44199
    Telephone: 216-522-3507
    Send an email

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    VA Contact Ofc, URS Tower
    36 East 7th St., Suite 220
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Telephone: 513-684-2676
    Send an email

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    Thanks Warbyrd,

    I found a very good SO from my Purple Heart chapter. He is all over it.

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    Buddy is permantly retired since he had a Anerysism. He has a contact there in FL that helps him out so its good that ppl are helping him out.

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    I see vets every day work on under the table jobs tell va they can not work, cut there wrist just bad enought to bleed a little and VA eats this sh#$ up.I know one of them and he brags about a 38 GAF SCORE.There is not anything wrong with this guy! That said. I SEE vets with PTSD and other problems due to there military service. VA is doing very little to help these vets. I Will say that there are some good Doc's at VA .and most of them are Vets!! When they need to be told I tell them how full of sh@#$ they are. They are afraid of civilian doctors!
    John J

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    fellows I found a lawyer who had me get the news clipping and I contacted one fellow marine and now he says he can make something happen I just pray that it happen before my number is called. Today i found that my brother retired navy corpsman only 46 just die of stomach cancer. He was also a gulf war vet and live in the sand box for while with the fires of the oil wells smoking. I hope I fair better than he. I had to fly to Oxnard, Ca to see him in better days found out of the cancer in april and departed in July. I seen death in all forms but this is the worsts. His daughters are do better than one can expect. god bless his wife and kids.

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