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    Navy Corpsman FMF

    I am a old man now and was called out of the Reserves to Serve on a Marine Corps Fire Team two tours in Iraq. I still keep a Marine Reg Haircut and still get a few looks from fellow Marines at Camp Pendleton where I work as to why I keep my hair short. I suppose after 22 years and 1 month you just have a habit of some things. War is always HELL, Scary and mean; but you Marines do your job and I always hoped I was shooting straight when conflict arose and I heard the call of "Corpsman, I am hit"!

    Semper Fi "Do or Die Devil Dogs" as a Navy man it was hard work but I served with some of the best in the U.S. Naval Service!

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    .....WELCOME ABOARD......NUMBNUTS!!!!! If you're an "old-fart", what does that make ME???......."older than DIRT!!!!"
    SEMPER FI!!!......Doc Greek.....

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    From One Doc To Another Welcome Aboard Steve

    Semper Fi And Fair Winds

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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