Title has been EARNED!!!
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    Title has been EARNED!!!

    Good Evening Marines,
    I graduated Parris Island today 20120203. After 2 years of fighting like crazy I am a US Marine. I would like to take a moment to thank all of the Marines on this site that encouraged and supported me thru my enlistment/waiver process. It was a very long, challenging, and uncertain path but I knee what I wanted and with coomitment and hard work J got it and am now proud to say I'm a US Marine and to stand among the ranks of the few and the proud.

    Thanks Again
    Semper Fi
    PFC Lahodik

    P.s I was given meds got my hair loss while at boot and have tremendous hair growth!

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    Well P.F.C. Lahodik, Well Done, Semper Fi Marine.

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    Congrats Marine! Now change that Poolee/DEP status on your moniker!

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    Congratulations, PFC!!

    Kinda funny about the medication. 99.9% go to boot camp and lose all their hair; you went and came out with more!!

    Job well done.

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    Congrats Marine, The Pride Is Forever,Semper Fidelis.

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    Oh i remember you, welcome back, and welcome aboard

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    Congrats Destiny.
    Job Well Done.

    Semper Fi Marine,

    - .... . / ..-. . .-- --..-- / - .... . / .--. .-. --- ..- -.. --..-- / - .... . / -- .- .-. .. -. . ... .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

    All Marine, All The Time...

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    OUTSTANDING!!! Goes to show you what hard work and determination can do for you when you want something bad enough!

    Congrats on EARNING the title...UNITED STATES MARINE ......and welcome to the Marine Corps family!!!
    Enjoy your leave home with family & friends.
    PM Sgt Leprechaun and ask him to change your status to Marine. Us new mods don't have those powers yet.

    Semper Fidelis Marine!

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    I remember you -----
    You have accomplished a major goal in life

    Welcome aboard
    Semper Fi

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    Marine ! Semper Fi and welcome to the family. OOOORAHH

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    I well recall when you first arrived here....and now, you've MADE it, just as you originally said you would.

    A hearty 'well done'!

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    A hearty congratulation!!!

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    Moved to former poolee advice section.

    Congrats and best of luck to you,

    LCpl Yonkers

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    Ooh-rah, Devil Dog. Now the fun really begins.

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