End of highschool,summer work out plan
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    End of highschool,summer work out plan

    Well highschool for me is over, and yesterday my recruiter called me to tell me if everything works out I will be shipping a month or two early with an intel job. This caused me to evalute my prepardness for recruit training, and I realized I have been lazy in my preparing. I may have hit 20 pull ups, but I have only gained 10 pounds of weight since DEPing in 5 months ago. Considering I made weight by 1 pound this is not a good thing. I havent even done a max set of crunches in a month, which is absolute sh*t. Thus, I have set up an exercise plan which I will begin Friday. I tried to implement both exercises to expect at Recruit Training as well as training to help build working muscles which I lack from years of gaming and other laziness. I am looking for critique and other advice. Other poolees are welcome to add their own views. Not sure if I should eat breakfast before or after the pullups/crunches. After doing this for a week or two I will edit the plan as needed to make sure I do not over work muscles. My goal is to have a first class fitness score by Recruit Training, with 20 pulls ups and 100 crunches at least, as I am a bad runner. I also wish to have a good tan before Recruit Training or I will burn horribly and that is not something I want. I currently work at a hardware store in which I commonly haul 50# bags of feed around and will be setting up tents. I will be working full time and the store operates on a compressed work week so Ill be working 11 hour days. Sundays are my rest days, however every other Sunday that I do not work I will still run 3 miles.

    Non work days:
    0700:3 mile run
    0840: (Pull up plan borrowed from drillinstructor's good plan) Max sets of pull ups until a total of 150 pull ups are reached. 60 seconds of rest inbetween sets while completing 30 crunches
    Afterwards:Breakfast and rest
    1400:Chopping of wood (And we have some BIG stumps)
    1500:Rest, rehydration
    1600:Sprints, burpees, jumping jacks, push ups, crunches, and overhead log raises.

    Work days:
    0530:3 mile run
    0600:Pull ups and crunches until I must shower for work.
    2000:Set of crunches and push ups before bed

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    It sounds good to me. I'd be beast if I had a workout plan but I don't. I just PT when I PT. I'm guessing you're maxing the pull ups because the heavy lifting at work. It is necessary to work out the arms however not as much as one usually would, as you're already at max pull ups & get a decent workout from the 50Ib bags all day. As far as crunches go, try doing them while holding a 50Ib bag or just a medicine ball. Also, you'll be suprised at what a 4 mile (on varying low hills, low that you barely notice it & a short moderate hill) run can do for you a day or two before IST. DISCLAIMER: I am by no means responsible for anything you do unless you become a millionaire, in which case I would generously accept an assistance fee of 1,000,000 pounds (EU money). xD

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    Sounds like a lot of fun I will definitly have to try this out when I graduate in 20 school days and counting

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    Well I leave for MCRD PI about a week after I graduate high school so my summer workout plan is recruit training. But this does sound like a plan I would use if I had more time

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