When do you find out your MOS
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    When do you find out your MOS

    Is it still at the end of Bootcamp or at MCT? My buddy went Avonics 59/60/61 and didn't find out until after finishing his school in Pensacola, FL that he was going to go in as a Calibrator at the AF base in Buloxi, Mississippi.

    I signed the DD (02xx/26xx) contract and just wanted to see when I could hear the good news.

    Thank you Marines, I appreciate the help.

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    It depends, at the end of boot camp you will have a brief on SOI and MCT and you'll get your orders and on your orders you'll have your specific MOS if you have one. If you don't have one you'll get one given to you once you've completed your schooling or you'll get one at your school like in infantry. I'd think in your case that it'd get picked after schooling.

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    I remember my DIs going over the list at one point (more like, "Aww crap, you're in my MOS?!") and then during MCT most people found out.

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