Question about DEP and Shipdates
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    Question about DEP and Shipdates

    I've looked almost everywhere and asked numerous sources to find an answer to my question..
    There was a spot open on 20120123 to ship out to MCRD P.I., but my recruiter at my RSS said I wasn't eligible to be shipped out because I haven't been DEP'd in for long enough (more than 30 days) is what he told me.
    Is there a rule in DEP where if you haven't been DEP'd in for longer than 30 days, you can't be shipped out?
    I also have my MOS 03xx. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the ship date either.

    If you have an answer, let me know

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    Whatever ship date you currently have with the 03 contract is when you have to leave in order to get that job. If you were to try to leave on another date you'd lose that job contract most likely. Not sure about the rule with being in the DEP for 30 days or whatever but listen to your recruiter they're not trying to screw you over. Be patient and wait for your ship date and as you wait just continue to train for Boot Camp.

    Just sit tight and you'll be gone before you know it. Trust me it'll come quick.

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