Looking for info on my great grandpa
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    Looking for info on my great grandpa

    My grandfather, Marion Arlington Conner, served in Co. A 5th Eng Bn 5th Marine Division when it stormed the beach on Iwo Jima. I have a few letters, and have been able to scrounge that and his serial number from them. Anyone know him from their days in the Corps, or is there anyway to use this info and the serial number to track his history. Unfortunately, he had Alzheimer's since I was a little boy and died before I ever got a chance to talk to him about his days. Thanks for the help!

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    The policy at LN.com is that you will have a filled out profile prior to posting questions or getting responses. Typically we will lock the thread until the profile is complete. If you fill the profile out in the next 24, we will not lock it. If not, it will be deleted.

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    Thanks for the notice, it should be done. If I missed anything, let me know so I don't get locked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmwalz View Post
    Thanks for the notice, it should be done. If I missed anything, let me know so I don't get locked out.
    Nope, looks like a good profile to me.

    Here is a link to the National Archives where you can get a copy of your grandfather's military records. That service number will come in handy.

    Military Personnel Records

    Just a piece of military terminology trivia you'll need in filling out the request forms: People got service numbers, equipment gets serial numbers.

    Good luck. Lets us know how it comes out for you. Just resurrect this thread.

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    Thanks again for the help

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