Types of Medical discharges
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    Types of Medical discharges

    Hello and thank you for this forum. My son graduated San Diego MCRD at the end of October. Started MCT second week in November and broke his arm. He had surgery to implant steel plates 4 days later. He talked with his surgeon on January 9 and found that he is unable to rotate his wrist, i.e. go from a palm down position to a palm up. He is scheduled to see a physical therapist at the end of this month. However, being the pragmatist that he is he has started to look into what types of medical discharges are accorded to active duty marines if his arm does not get well enough to finish MCT and eventually go on to his MOS training. He is not giving up by any means but he is also preparing for what might happen if he is unable to rejoin the fleet.

    Could someone explain to me what options are available for medical discharges.

    Thanks for any and all responses.


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    Leatherneck.com has a requirement for all users to fill out a complete profile. Typically we will lock a thread where this has not been done. Please fill out your profile to keep us from locking the post.

    We need Marine family and parents and really don't like admonishing anyone as soon as they join.

    Thank you.

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    I apologize, I have filled out the "about me" portion of my account. As far as my original question is this even the proper forum?


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    Quote Originally Posted by travis mcgee View Post
    As far as my original question is this even the proper forum?

    Yes, I believe it is. This particular forum doesn't get as much traffic as some of the others, but usually you'll get pretty accurate answers here from those who have been there, done that.

    Sorry to hear about your son, tell him to keep his head held high. Even if he is discharged, his heart is in the right place. You should be very proud!

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    Thanks MarineDAD92. He has a great attitude but he is also a realist. Which are two things in his favor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travis mcgee View Post
    I apologize, I have filled out the "about me" portion of my account. As far as my original question is this even the proper forum?

    Thank you for filling out your profile. While the Marines here are willing to help everyone, they are considerably more inclined to assist when they know who they are conversing with.

    Is this the proper forum? That is the real question. I asked myself the same question when I read your post. I am considering moving it to the Ask a Marine Forum but that is really for DEP to ask questions of Marines.

    I will leave it here for a few days and if you don't get responses.... I will move it somewhere you will.

    Welcome to LN.com

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    Im sure the surgeon and his command will address his questions if he does receive a medical discharge.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Your son would be told by the doctor that he is going to be put it for a PEB Physical Evaluation Board.....they would determine whether or not he would be released from active duty and if a percentage of disability is to be given.

    This decision can be appealed.Also if he really wants to stay in and his injury can be corrected or if he can be used or needed in another job he can try request mast through his chain of command to stay in.

    If he is found unfit for military service he will be placed on the TDRL Temporary Disabled Retired list.

    With an accurate address he will be sent a letter on where to go to to be reevaluated this is usually for three years.....then the determination would be made if he is to be permanently medically retired or if his injury and disability healed enough to go back on active duty.

    This is old information but basically the same as today.He will not be considered until he has exhausted all physical therapy and has not improved.

    Wishing him good luck and health.

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    DrZ..... If this is moved to the Ask A Marine forum, Marine Family members don't have posting priviledges to post there. So, yes......this would be the correct forum for this topic to be in.

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    Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it. In response to Phantom Blooper's post he is currently clerking at SACo. Rehab SOI West, Camp Pendelton. Don't know if that would qualify him to remain in despite his injury. His original MOS is Refrigeration Technician. I know that he would want to stay in if at all possible.

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    There Is Only One Type Of Medical Discharge, But There Are Many Disability Rating. Your Son Is In My Thoughts And Prayers

    Semper Fi

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    Travis, please keep us updated.

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    I will.

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    My prayers for the young Marine. When I was injured, I got great care, and the Navy
    doctors and the corpsmen/chiefs in charge guided me through the disability process. I hope that your son recovers fully and regains full use of his arm.

    The Navy had great physical therapists 30 years ago for me, and I am sure that they are up to speed now.

    Any thing I can do please PM me.

    Semper Fi, Tom

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    Here is an update on my son. He started physical therapy last week and has two one on one sessions each week. He sees his surgeon next week. He said the therapist sounded "worried" when she examined his arm for rotational movement. Not sure what to read into his comment. After all he is 18 and has very little experience dealing with doctors.

    Anyway, my question, is there any way that he could remain in the corps if his arm is not healed 100%? This would mean he would most likely not complete MCT. I'm guessing that this has never happened before. The reason I ask is because his greatest asset is his intelligence. He was a national AP scholar, graduated with honors, and even turned down a full scholarship from the Navy ROTC program at the University of Minnesota to join the Marines. Could the Marines keep him for his brains and 1 1/2 arms?

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