Looking for a little info about my lat move
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    Looking for a little info about my lat move

    I just re enlisted for a lat move into 0352 last month (still waiting on a school seat). Just wondering what I have to look forward to, a buddy of mine told me I wont go through all of SOI but just the part where they break off into their separate MOS's, is this true? I'm lat moving from a pog MOS but it really doesnt make a bit of difference to me because I deployed and trained with the grunts most of my career. (Hence my choice for 0352) Also I talked to the monitor for 0352 and he said I will probably be going to Hawaii, any opinions on that duty station? I'd love to hear them.

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    I do believe that you will have to go through the entire 03 package at SOI as I've known a few Marines who have done lat moves from other mos's and they have had to done the entire school.

    Although you will get treated better then the basic Marine that usually goes through.

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    Ok, that's what I figured. Do you know roughly how long after re enlisting it takes to get a school seat? I have the new primary mos of 0300, it's been about a month now

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    For sure it's the entire package. Expect orders.....when you least expect them. I know that sounds really dumb, but don't be at all surprised to come into work on a Monday (or, heck, tomorrow) and find orders telling you to report NEXT Monday or some such.

    Totally depends on the pipeline and what the monitor needs at any given moment.

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    So how did it turn out?? Have you completed the course yet ? I'm actually in the middle of re enlisting into that mos or getting out and going reserves .

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    It's going pretty good, graduate next week. The course is really easy, you just have to act like an nco and they'll treat you like one. and you do go through the entire package.

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