New Marine parent's and MCT/Camp Geiger
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    New Marine parent's and MCT/Camp Geiger

    You'll hear from your Marine very rarely! They may get permission to call on the 1st or 2nd weekend, and MAYBE a holiday if they get liberty (and permission to call). You'll get a "form" letter from the CO of their Company, telling you a bit of what your Marine will be doing. There'll be an email and phone number, we had trouble with the email, and the phone will be to one of the Sgt's. and HE might be in the field as well.

    Your Marine be in the field most of the time, and in class in the morning's at times (then in the field to apply what they've learned). They'll have really no time to write you at all. And if you write them, understand, the mail gets routed through Camp Lejeune, then to the other Camps for about 60k Marine's (LeJeune, Johnson and Anderson)

    If you're able to go to Family Day and Graduation, take them some civilian wear, as most will be changing into it before they leave for their MOS. We ended buying his at the Exchange (after Graduation), just so he could have something to wear. The exchange was v-e-r-y crowded on Family day, and that is an understatement! We couldn't do much in there because it was so crowded (764 Marine's, no idea how many families). Spend as much time with your Marine as possible. On Graduation Day, you'll get maybe an hour or so. I understand the amount of Families showing varies. We saw many, and other parent's who'd been at other day's had seen only a few.

    Graduation Day is good, the CO will tell you what your Marine did, and you'll see a short film as well. If you can, make sure you thank the CO and the instructor's. There are instructor's for each "phase" or part of their training. MOS's vary and change through your Marine's MCT. The Corp's will put your Marine where they're needed. Our Marine's was changed even before he got on the bus to Camp Johnson.

    Also, remember, no news is good news! If you hear nothing, generally there's nothing to worry about. Anyhow, just offering what we learned about MCT, and how things operate, and how things can swiftly change.

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    Also, if you can, get there a day early. The Marine's who issue passes will appreciate it (it's a small building, and the parking lot was full Family Day).

    On the pass, you'll read that to take picture's you'll need an Officer's permission. I asked Capt. McKinnon about taking pictures. He told me that pretty much applies to taking them near the airbase, however, he appreciated me asking to make sure.

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    Inside main gate Camp Geiger

    Click image for larger version

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    Inside main gate Camp Geiger

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Another typical day in our beloved Marine Corps,Semper Fidelis.

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    jclarke....nice flicks...but that is the entry to MCAS New River.....then you turn left by the exchange to go over to Camp Geiger.

    The Camp Geiger entrance has been closed off for approximately eight years......

    At the old entrance to Camp Geiger is the memorial at flag circle erected and dedicated by the "Devil Dogs" of the Marine Corps Association in Jacksonville,NC to the Beirut veterans whom lost their lives from 1982-1984.

    Geiger is now only accessible through the air station.

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    Wish I had been observant of the "rock" in the picture indicating that. And wish I'd known. I'd like to have gotten a picture of the former entrance to Camp Geiger.

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