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    I Met Gunny R. Lee Ermey last Saturday, and it was an honor to reply to his "Semper Fi!" I guess I was kind of excited, because when I did the OOH RAH!, the guy standing next to me jumped about 5 feet back. What can I say? It was the Gunny I was talking to.
    Off topic, great guy. We talked for ten minutes, though it was well past his meet and greet time, and there were 20 people still behind me.

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    Greeting: Semper Fi

    Response: Do Or Die

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    Well, I'm a 'Nam vet and we weren't didn't respond "Ooorah!". My response has always been "Do or die!" But, about my memory.....

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    I asked my Marine the same question (0311) he said "kill"

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    I have read this comments and it is a pleasure to see people recognize the Corps and our members. The largest fraternity in the world. Hearing Semper Fi is more than just words to us who have served. It is a brother hood few experience. Semper Fi...always great to hear and always brings back those days gone by...

    Semper Fi..

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    Good stuff, Squad Leader. Wear what you are. My grandsons wear t-shirts with "Marine" boldly printed on them. I may be biased, but I believe it's ok. They are adults, and love the Corps because I'm one of the best. It's a family tradition, and they do it proudly. They're honest about it, and are quick to tell that they do it for me. They wear it well.

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    God bless you, Old Marine. Your response is number one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    Greeting: Semper Fi

    Response: Do Or Die
    Response: Till I Die

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    No one who is still in the Marine Corps really uses Semper Fi unless it is a response to something like an oorah or err, yut or rah. So I usually dont respond to it.

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    What a loss to our heritage.

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    Meh, im sure when they get out it becomes different to people. Those who were not motivators when they were in wear so much Marine Corps stuff when they get out they are the most motivated individuals.

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    I usually respond with an oorah

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    Back when I was in during the Vietnam Era, "oorah" wasn't used.

    The first time I heard it was when I was on Camp Schwab (near Henoko, at the northern east coast, last base before you hit the NTA). 3rd Recon had a detachment on base near the PMO and front gate. They'd be in formation about the time we (7th Comm) would be heading up on the hill to work. They'd aways dismiss with a back step (left-right) about face and yell "AhOooRah... Kill Kill Kill!"

    So Ah Oo Rah was the way I learned it. Later generations of Marines shortened it to OoRah (I think it was about the time of the 1st Gulf, not sure). My theory it was to differentiate the Marines war cry from the Army's "Hooah?" which seemed to be both an interrogative and an affirmative response, depending on the context and inflection.

    Somewhere along the line, use of "gung ho" fell out of common use with Marines. I'm not sure when, but I think it was before my time.

    I usually wear something with an EGA on it whenever I go out. Most often, it is an old 8-point sateen utility cover that still has a visible bit of EGA on the front panel, or an old WWII HBT utility cover (with the short bill) that I was given by a Guadalcanal invader (red border on his First Division patch) before he passed.

    Most people don't recognise either, but any Marine will spot it a 1000 yards out. The most common acknowledgement I encounter from them is a either a single nod or a quiet "Hey, Mac."

    "Thanks for your service," from civilians is MUCH more likely than hearing S.F or other USMC greeting.

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    A minor footnote to my previous (above) post:

    I wear shirts I am given that come from Sgt Grit or Crackerbarrel or some other source. They are a tacit recruiting device. We are a country at war. We are going to be rebuilding our depleted military. I am occasionally stopped by a young man or woman and they will ask questions (as they do) about the Marines.

    I carry cards in my wallet from the local USMC recruiter and I will give one out with the advice to talk to them as they are the ones with the straight skinny. Doesn't take but a second, but if I can get just ONE quality person into the Corps, it's a good thing. For me, for them, and for the country.

    Semper Fi til the day that I die.

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