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    Something that I have always wondered was every once in a while when I was a young Marine I would on occasion run into a WW2/Korean era vet and a lot of those guys would always say " Semper Fi Mac" I always wondered what the meaning for this was. Was Mac a common moniker for men whose names you didn't know but they knew you were a Marine? Haven't heard it in years but it always seemed real personal when a older Marine was departing from the bar.

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    Back in the day -- 1960s and before -- no one wore a name tag (as they do in the Army, for example). "Mac" was a convenient generic name when one Marine might not know another's name or rank.

    Some say it was from a career planning/reenlistment poster of the 1960s, but that would have been a holdover from the WWII (Rough out, brown boot Old Corps) Marines.

    You can call any Marine "Mac" (male or female) and they'll answer to it. At least the older generations. Not sure about now, I've been out of the loop for a while.

    To the best of my knowledge, the bulldog mascot at MCRD Parris Island is always named "Mac" and has been for decades and generations of dogs. However, I don't believe (IMO) the name is specific to PI Marines.

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    Thanks for the info. I've only been out for about a year and I never heard it since about the mid nineties. I always wondered though. Thanks Semper Fi

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