Counter Terrorist Trainer?
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    Question Counter Terrorist Trainer?

    Hello there. My name is Austin and I am new to this site. I saw somebody post about how after being in the Marines his cousin became a counter terrorism trainer. I don't know any more specifics other than that. I tried researching for myself, but could not find any information on this career. I doubt contacting him would work as he has been inactive for a few months now. So hopefully anybody with experience or who can luckily find something about it with their own research can help me out on this? This is really appealing to me. Thank you in advance for any info you can provide.

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    Really no such animal as that in the Marine Corps I'm afraid. And, quite frankly, those in that line of work won't be frequenting here talking about it due to OPSEC.

    Honestly, I'd get in touch with him directly, he's your best source of information.

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    Yea I am going to try. He said it was his cousin, not him.

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    Does anybody else have any info on this?

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    Nobody ever hears about this. Its like small groups that train other countries. I dont know what to tell you. Sounds kinda like something marsoc would do but Im just guessing. Like Sgt Lep said opsec makes it difficult to research or talk about

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