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    Smile Tattoo advise needed

    Im brand new to this forum and am having a good time reading a lot of the discussions and love the occasional banter and good info and advise given so I thought I'd give it a shot with my own question, and it's slightly a controversial one but I'm going to ask for advise anyway...let me start off first by saying I come from a family of Marines, my grandfather, my father, and my twin brother...of course I married a Marine who has a twin brother who is a Marine and a father who is a Marine....why didn't I just join right? Cause I was a little bit of a girly girl growing up but have changed since then and I'm now a personal trainer acting out my drill instructor fantasies on my clients! Haha

    Anyway, I do not currently have any tattoos, I'm a blank canvas, as I also do some fitness modeling and don't want it to detour an agency from hiring me...

    However I recently have thought about getting One and being I'm very proud of my family and husband being Marines, I have thought about getting something Marine Corps related....any advise is welcome

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    If you arent a Marine then you dont get a Maine tattoo

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    I don't want a "Maine" tattoo lol

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    How about something like this......

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    Awww that's beautiful but I want mine to include my dad grandpa and brother

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    You can do something 'military like' or even in support of the same, but as soon as you put an EGA, Devil Dog, or anything else 'related' on you, people will 'azzume' (wrongly) that you are/were a Marine. That is when things will not go well when they find out you are not.

    However, an idea comes to mind:

    An EGA with your relatives names/ranks BELOW it. Make the EGA smaller, enclose the names (which should be larger) inside a scroll or some other design. THAT way, when people ask, you can tell them the story.

    You can also do 'meat tags' doing the same thing.

    It really all depends on where you put it, how you display it, etc. But remember, anything that is "USMC" related is going to cause you much hate and discontent without some sort of explaining directly ON/around the tat.

    Just my 2c

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    I like those ideas leprechaun! Thank you soo much! As far as my husband, I don't like the idea of tattooing his name on me but somehow want to include him in it but not sure how without going against my beliefs in putting your spouses name or picture on yourself....

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    Usmc1963 you are so right about there being plenty other ways to honor my family of Marines, I totally agree...however i know I would never regret anything that honored them either but I have recently thought of getting a tattoo and want it to have meaning and stand for something I feel strongly about and it was just an idea that has run across my mind as I feel like I'm surrounded by Marines!

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    Hahaha you are funny USMC1963

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    And I don't have any names on ME, either LOL. So I do understand. Perhaps a small EGA entertwined with a heart? In the midst of the other stuff?

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    How about dog tags with the names and years served in the Marines of your husband, dad, grandpa and brother. Something that looks like this......

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    Wow! That's awesome! I love it!!!

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    Or how about something like this........

    but instead of a yellow ribbon, how about this ribbon, minus the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor......

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    I like tht idea alot

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    Both softball and leprechaun I love those ideas!!!

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