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    I'm not smart enough to re-load LOL. However, the guy that did all my re-loading for years recently passed away, so now I'm out of luck...

    I've got a bunch to re-load too. .45, .30 carbine, .30, etc.

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    Powders that I use for the 5.56, Varget,Win.748,AR-Comp,IMR 8208 XBR, Hodgdon 335 good results with all of them but I favor the 335 and the 8208 XBR they seem to have the better groups and they were both used by the military,Semper Fidelis.

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    We started reloading in 1976. We have used Lee , Lyman , RCBS and Dillon presses.
    All will work well for you. If you shoot pistol or rifle a lot then a progressive press would be the way to go. A lot meaning 200 to 500 rounds a week.
    We were shooting Bullseye 3 gun a few years and went with a Dillon progressive press.
    Would go through 250 to 300 rounds in the 45 a week practicing.
    The cost saving reloading was the only way we could do that.
    Cast our own bullets from wheel weights we bought or scrounged from the tire places in town.
    We reloaded 100 rounds 45 ACP for $2.07 including the bullet lube.
    The primers were the most expensive component per round for the 45.
    If you are not doing that much shooting a single stage O type press would be my choice.
    We still do some reloading for 44 Mag, 45ACP, 6.5X55, 30-06 , 308, 30/284, 444 Marlin and 45/70
    Have clean ( no oil ) cases and hands when handling primers and double check the cases once you have added powder. We use a loading block when we single stage cartridges and can look into the cases to make sure the powder is the same height in each case. You should do well and you will save a bunch of money doing it over factory loads.
    Send me a note if we can be of any help.
    john d.

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