the mos job motor t
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    the mos job motor t

    so my ship date was feb 13th for boot camp my recuiter had faxed the list of jobs downtown but they havent faxed back yet... today he called me told me that a spot opened for jan 17th but i wouldnt be able to get the mos's i wanted for feb 13th (infarnty or artillery is what the faxed downtown) but "motor t" is available, does anyone one know what this mos is about? he really didn't say very much very much about it besides is has to do with humvee's or some **** plz help!!

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    First, fill out more of your profile besides a first and last name, or this topic will be locked until you do so.
    Second, try using some basic sentence structure; capital letters at beginning of sentences, punctuation marks where needed, capitalize the letter I, and a period at the end of a sentence.
    Also, try using the search feature here on Leatherneck, or google. Motor T has been covered before.
    I know this is the Ask A Marine forum and we're here to answer questions, but a lot of these questions have been asked and answered before.

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    yeah i apologize, i literally JUST made this account/post about 10 minutes ago after i got the phone call from my recruiter. already got a couple messages explaining the job too me. thanks guys!

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    How about Thanks Marines, not guys.

    And locked until profile is complete.

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